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11 Best Casual Suits for Men

The 1920s were full of well-dressed men in suits and fedoras. The 2020s will start off similarly, minus that iconic hat. Since cool shoes and great clothes make the man, step up your style game with a casual suit that is smart, trendy, sexy, and 100% insanely fashionable. There are suits on this list for every budget.

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Looking for Tips From the Pros?

Since the 1920s the suit has been a valuable weapon in a man's wardrobe. The suit projects that a man cares about the way he looks and is willing to put the time and effort into dressing himself up. Nowadays suits aren't just for formal events like weddings, funerals, and business.

There are suits for literally every occasion. The casual suit can be a formal suit that features colorful shirts, loose-fitting jackets, and slim-fitting pants and coats. There are a lot of variables that go into selecting a casual suit for all occasions. The two-button jacket is a popular look because of its versatility and its simplicity. 

When selecting a jacket, make sure you know how to wear it. If it is a two-button jacket make sure that you keep the top button buttoned and the bottom button unbuttoned. If there are three or four buttons the middle of the second button should be the one you button and unbutton as you sit and stand. I know it seems like a lot of rules but knowing these rules will keep you looking sharp and not sloppy. 

Also, mix things up a bit. Have fun with the suit. Some suits you can rock sneakers with and some you can't. A nice pair of black boots goes a long way and if you are going for that casual but polished look, then make sure your kicks are just as clean. 

What Constitutes Business Casual for Men?

Business casual is a fairly new phenomenon. The line between formal and casual has been blurred a bit in recent years proving that you can dress down and still be considered "office friendly".

A business casual or strictly casual suit can be incredibly effective in the workplace, at a wedding, or on a first date where you are trying to impress. Brighter-colored suits are very popular because they fit the requirements of a formal outfit while adding some of the fun of a casual outfit. 

Patterns are a great way to blend casual and formal. Plaids, pinstripes, and patchwork patterns are trending upwards right now and have serious staying power.

Light shades and khaki tones are huge right now. While the rest of your coworkers are wearing black, navy, and dark grey suits you can shed some light on a truly great look. Brighten the look in the office by wearing these brighter colors and use those colors to your advantage.

What's So Cool About Men's Blazers?

For an even more casual look that is super creative try wearing a blazer that is meant for a suit with jeans or khakis. Yes, it is more casual than business casual attire but if you do it right, you can fly under the radar while also receiving a ton of compliments. 

A blue blazer is a perfect match for a great pair of dark blue jeans. The two were made for each other. You can take the blazer from most casual suits and wear it with your favorite pair of jeans for a slightly more casual look that is a lot of fun. 

Mixing and matching blazers and pants is another way to get mileage out of that new suit. If you have a couple of suits where the colors match well, grey and navy particularly, you can wear the navy blazer with the grey pants and give yourself another option when getting dressed in the morning. 

Use plaids and patterns to your advantage. Wearing a grey plaid blazer with jeans is a really cool look. You'll want to wear light blue navy jeans or even black jeans to pull this look off, but taking chances is the only way to expand your current wardrobe and figure out what works for you personally.