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15 Best Argyle Sweaters For Women You’ll LOVE

Of all the women’s styles and trends inspired by men’s fashion, the iconic argyle diamonds might be one of the best. Preppy and classy to the max, argyle sweaters are totally made for fall and are always on-trend.

Our list of the best argyle sweaters for women features feminine cuts, modern twists, subtle patterns, plus-size sweaters, and even some legitimate menswear items. And, if you’re questioning our decision to include some men’s styles, here’s the thing: the lines of fashion have been blurred for years. If you aren’t perusing the men’s section for some cozy, cute, and perfectly oversized gems, you’re seriously missing out.

To get your preppy look on, take a look at our picks below!

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Diamonds are Forever

Historically, the argyle pattern is the signature look of the Clan Campbell from Argyll, Scotland. Originally appearing on kilts, plaids, and the socks worn by the Scottish Highlanders, the diamonds have come a long way since the 17th century. 

Today, the argyle pattern is synonymous with the polished and preppy style. Available in a variety of color palettes and interpretations, argyle can be found from the golf course to the streets to the runways as designers continue to feature and reimagine this iconic look and pattern.

Our list exclusively features argyle sweaters, but this pattern is seen across many clothing styles and accessories including dresses, button-down shirts, jackets, and socks, just to name a few.

Regardless of season or century, argyle is a timeless pattern loved by many.

How To Style Argyle Sweaters

The really cool thing about the argyle pattern is its versatility. Argyle sweaters can be dressed up or down without much effort, and its natural preppy vibe immediately elevates any look. So, how to style one?

Depending on what kind of sweater we're talking about - crewneck, v-neck, cardigan, or pullover - the way to rock the look is going to be slightly different, but, not by much.

Most argyle sweaters, regardless of style, go well with the same things: crisp button-down collared shirts, plain white tees, nice pants, jeans, denim jackets, and dresses. They even pair nicely with other patterns - don't be afraid to blend, mix, and match! That's how statements are made.

Perfect for work or for a day out with friends, argyle sweaters are great layering pieces for many outfits this fall. 

And, while argyle might be the preferred look of modern-day prepsters, there is a rebellious history associated with the pattern as well. So, while "edgy" and "rebel" aren't exactly the words that come to mind when describing argyle, it's just proof that this pattern was born for more than college campuses. It's a look made for everyone. 

Borrowing From The Boys: Menswear-Inspired Fashion

Between suit jackets, grandpa sweaters, argyle patterns, and trenchcoats, menswear has influenced women's fashion trends for centuries. While most of these styles have been tailored and updated to best-fit women, the original essence of these designs is what continues to be most appealing.

In fact, women are finding out the big secret: many men's styles work for women, too.

As the lines of fashion continue to blur and as menswear-inspired looks continue to trend, designers across the spectrum are borrowing from the boys.

So, we're here to say this: it's okay to shop the men's section, ladies. They usually have better socks and sweatshirts, anyway.

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