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21 Best Long Sleeve Swimsuits You’ll LOVE

There’s more to swimwear than bikinis and one-piece options these days, ladies. Sure, those classic silhouettes will always be popular and on-trend, but long sleeve swimsuit styles are having a moment.

As sportier alternatives, long sleeve swimsuits are incredibly durable and perfect for a variety of water activities – swimming, paddleboarding, surfing, lounging…you get it. These styles also offer more coverage and protection from the sun – hence the appeal. But, before you think you have to trade fashion for function, think again. Designers are creating some serious swoon-worthy long sleeve swimwear options with sexy details and figure-flattering silhouettes.

Cute one-piece styles, chic crop tops, fun mix & match separates, plus-size options – there’s something for everyone. For all the details on the best long sleeve bathing suit styles available today, read on.

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Why Wear A Long Sleeve Swimsuit?

Long sleeves? At the beach? You bet. Swimwear isn't all about one-pieces and bikinis these days. The long sleeve swimsuit trend is officially taking over the pool as women find better ways to cover up and protect themselves against the sun's harmful rays. While functional, long sleeve swimwear is surprisingly fashionable, too. With sexy cut-outs, sporty silhouettes, gorgeous patterns, and cool embellishments and frills, these suits are definitely worth wearing.

Inspired by that cool surfer chick vibe, long sleeve swimwear is a sportier style, for sure. With many of the looks featuring zippers reminiscent of wet suits, long sleeve swimsuits are durably designed and perfect for a variety of water activities: paddleboarding, surfing, distance swimming, and more. Not only that, but many styles offer UPF 50+ protection, making them an excellent blocker of harmful sun exposure. So, if you love to have fun in the sun and have plans to spend the day in or near the water, this is definitely a style to consider.

One-Pieces, Bikinis, Rashguards, Crop Tops...Oh My! 

One look at our list of the best long sleeve swimsuit styles and you'll see there's a lot of variety within this category. While all of these suits feature long sleeves and built-in sun protection, there's a lot of differences when it comes to fashionable details and silhouettes. One-piece, two-piece, crop tops, full-length rashguards - there's something that matches everyone's personal preferences.

For those looking for durable, sporty, and full-coverage styles, we'd suggest the one-piece options. The Volcom Body Suit, Lands' End Sporty Swimsuit, the Seafolly Surf Suit, and the Speedo Long Sleeve Swimsuit are all excellent choices that are ready for all kinds of water activities. 

Want a long sleeve swimsuit with some sexy details? While many of the options on our list feature cutouts, deep v-necks, and open backs, there are a few bikini-style long sleeve options to choose from. The GirlsUpTo two-piece is available in a variety of gorgeous colors and patterns, and the COCOSHIP suit comes with a crop top and high-waisted bottoms. Both are great options for those who want to cover up while still flaunting those curves. 

Rashguards are the original long sleeve swimsuit style. First introduced as a way to cut down on chaffing with surfers and scuba divers, these swim shirts are popular styles for anyone who wants to mix and match with bikini bottoms and board shorts. The Roxy option on our list is one of the more iconic rashguard styles on the market, and the long sleeve swim shirt from La Blanca is seriously fashionable and functional.

Beach-Ready Essentials

If you're planning on tropical vacations, jaunts to the coast, or lazy days hanging around the pool, swimsuits are definitely a must. But, don't forget about the other beach-ready essentials, too. Between oversized hats, stylish cover-ups, trendy sunglasses, cute sandals, sunscreen, towels, and carry-all totes, there's a lot to pack and take with you this year. Here are some of our top picks for 2021:

Oversized Sun Hats - whether you're looking for something functional or fashionable, sun hats are always on trend for beach dwellers. The Lanzom Wide Brim Hat is seriously fun and comes in a variety of cool muted tones, and the Simplicity Sun Hat/Visor combo is completely cute and is available in all kinds of colors. This wide brim option is also incredibly cool for summer.

Bathing Suit Cover-Ups - no ensemble is complete this summer without a gorgeous bathing suit cover-up. Amazon sells a variety of wonderful options with thousands of five-star reviews and ratings. For a look at the best-seller list, click here.

Beach Totes - packing for a family? Couple? Just you? Be sure to pick up a beach tote that you can carry all your beach essentials in.

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