The Top 10 Best ‘Resident Evil’ Games

Best Resident Evil Games

Capcom’s console port of Resident Evil Revelations Unveiled Edition is coming to gamers real soon and we’re more than ready to take control of Jill Valentine once again.

We figured it’s time return back to the beginning of the long running Resident Evil franchise and compile a list of the greatest games in the series. Trust us when we tell you – the fight for the top three games made us rip our hair out (head and chest. Yes, it was that serious…).

Bio-terror’s, green herbs, and rocket launchers for all! Let’s get down to some global saturation, folks!

Best Resident Evil Games

10. Resident Evil

Best Resident Evil Games

If you’re going to do a list of the best RE games, then it’s only right to show some much deserved love to the original. The first Resident Evil was such an innovative action/adventure game when it first arrived on consoles. The sub-genre of survival horror was born with the introduction of this zombie survival video game. The terrifying tension you felt during your playtime just magnified the scares you got around every corner of the mansion. Anyone whose ever played through this game just once can admit to jumping out of their seat at the sight of those mutated dogs crashing through the window. Never mind the corny dialogue, primitive graphics, and annoying typewriter save system; this game is still one the best in the series.

9. Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles

Best Resident Evil Games

It’s always good to get some classified dirt on what really went on behind the scene’s of the initial Resident Evil games. The Umbrella Corporation are beyond evil. They played a part in all of those past bio-terror breakouts, so this game took the opportunity to have gamers revisit those events. We got to replay those events from the viewpoint of a light-gun shooter, as this entry took advantage of the Wii and its motion controls. It was pretty fun to go back into Raccoon City and shoot up some zombies from a first-person perspective. Getting an extra scenario with everyone’s favorite turncoat in a black trench coat, Albert Wesker, was a cool extra for an extra cool shooter. Co-op mode just makes things even more fun.

8. Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles

Best Resident Evil Games

The sequel to the aforementioned game on this list introduced fans to one new scenario and two past entries in the series. It seems like the devs behind this sequel completely revamped things, as the game’s HUD, menus, and weapons were brand spanking new. The light-gun shooter/on-rails action returned and we’re happy it stayed that way. Leon S. Kennedy and his new found partner Jack Krauser went on a mission in South America that introduced them to all manners of zombies and monsters. Right next to that adventure were two campaigns that retold the events of RE 2 and RE Code: Veronica. Capcom did a bang up job on this second Wii RE shooter. Both games were so good that an HD collection of both games were eventually released. Now everyone can experience these great entries in the series.

7. Resident Evil Zero

Best Resident Evil Games

The Nintendo GameCube got some much needed love from Capcom during the system’s life cycle. This prequel to the first game finally gave us an explanation on what STARS Bravo Team member Rebecca Chambers was up to during the mansion incident. Rebecca made her way onto a train full of zombies, but she also bumped into her eventual teammate Billy Coen. The series’ traditional style of play made a return for this prequel, but the “partner zapping” system was a nice add-on. Instead of playing the game with only one character, this one allowed you to take on Umbrella’s beasts with two characters. The boss fights in this game are forever ingrained in our brains (DAMN YOU, QUEEN LEECH!!!).

6. Resident Evil: Revelations

Best Resident Evil Games

We didn’t think it was possible when we heard about this one. A feature-rich RE game that’s exclusive to a portable system? Nah, that game can’t be very good. As it turns out, this Nintendo 3DS entry is a welcome return to the series penchant for high quality gameplay and scares. Instead of moving around a burning town or a mansion disguised as a lab, we were taken onto a moving ship. The locales of this ship were dark, damp, and foreboding as we faced slow moving monsters with no faces. The flashback sequences provided some juicy bits that expanded the long-running plot of the entire series. The scanning techniques used in the game were addictive in nature and the large collection of playable characters kept our play through from ever getting dull. We’re glad this game is finally heading to consoles.

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5. Resident Evil Code: Veronica

Best Resident Evil Games

This Sega Dreamcast entry brought the RE series into the next gen upon its official launch. This sequel is most notable for being the first game in the series to utilize 3D backgrounds instead of pre-rendered one’s. And the addition of the 1st-person viewpoint controls for some of the weapons freshened up the combat a bit. And the dual pistols? Another great addition. Even though we didn’t care for Steve too much, that didn’t keep us from enjoying this excellent game. Claire Redfield’s legendary status got a boost thanks to her badassery in her search for her brother. Alfred sure was weird, wasn’t he?

4. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

Best Resident Evil Games

“STARS…” Gamers hauled ass at the sound of that menacing call from Nemesis. Jill Valentine was hunted down by Umbrella’s latest attempt at a super bio-soldier for the ENTIRE game. It seemed like everything you shot at the guy didn’t phase him! Returning to the virus outbreak in Raccoon City was even more hectic thanks to the addition of that mutated brute. The multi-decisions during those chaotic events brought our anxiety levels to a dangerous level. But we got a bit calmer once we got the chance to shoot down enormous worms with acid grenade rounds. That quick 180-degree return was a godsend for this game.

3. Resident Evil 2

Best Resident Evil Games

This game stand as one of the best sequels in video game history. Resident Evil 2 debuted the series’ most popular characters, Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield. The mansion incident was left far behind, but the T-Virus outbreak made its way outside of the mansion to Raccoon City. As you probably guess already, anarchy ensued. Leon was on his way to becoming a police officer and Claire was just looking for her bro. They both drove into hell! The amount of on-screen zombies rose and a bunch of new baddies came along for the ride. There was a wealth of replaybility for this game – two characters, two scenarios, bonus weapons to unlock, new costumes to wear, TOFU!, in game achievement etc. This is the one RE game that’s in need of an HD revival.

2. Resident Evil 4

Best Resident Evil Games

You know, the top two spots on this list were tough to nail down. Some folks regard this game as the best RE game to date. That’s a respectable opinion, but we have to differ. Resident Evil 4 is still one of the greatest RE games (and video games PERIOD!) to ever come out. The RE series was getting a big stagnant before this GameCube sequel saw the light of day. When RE 4 released, an overflow of praise was thrown its way. The new control method, the improved graphics, the fast moving enemies, and the wealth of new game+ content took this game over the top. Leon became a man in this one. Having to deal with crazed villagers and giant gnomes will do that to ya. RE 4 breathed new life into the RE series and 3rd-person shooters as a whole.

1. Resident Evil REmake (2002)

Best Resident Evil Games

Now THIS is the best Resident Evil game! Noticing a trend here? The GameCube seems to be the home of excellent Resident Evil games. This REmake of the first game in the series is a total reinvention. The graphics got overhauled and were made to look damn near next-gen. Play this game today and you’ll be surprised at how well the graphics still hold up. The mansion got 10x more scary, thanks to the darker visuals and the addition of those dammed Crimson Head zombies. The puzzles got revamped, defensive weapons were given to Jill/Chris, and the Real Survival brought the difficulty level up a notch. When ya ask us which RE game is the best and the scariest, well always bring up this one.

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