Castle Age HD: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know

Castle Age HD

Castle Age HD not only looks pretty sweet, but its immersive strategy/RPG gameplay is also pretty awesome. This always-online mobile/PC game takes the best elements of old school, medieval RPG’s and places them into a super fun mobile title that will take over your life.

You like guilds, dragons, oversized heroes and sexy elves? Then you’ll surely appreciate Castle Age HD. We’re here to provide you with 10 essential tips/cheats that will put you on/near the top of the leaderboards with your guild in tow.

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1. Don’t Stay A Warrior; Go Ahead and Be A Cleric/Mage

Castle Age HD Tips

Warriors are the most basic class of heroes you’ll be be playing with as you begin your time with the game. Warriors are the default heroes you’ll start out with, but make sure you change your class hero ASAP. Move on over to the cleric or mage whenever you’re ready to really tear some ish up on the battlefield. Clerics attack enemies and provide 10 points of HP to all allies after that attack goes through. As for mages, they deplete 10 points of all the enemies inside an enemy’s gate. Once you get to level 3, you’ll be able to do some real damage and equip some stronger healing statistics.

2. Get Your Money Game Up

Castle Age HD ios Tips realizes how important is is to stack some cash for your own city. Here’s there tips on how to generate more cash by building more…well, buildings:

Of course you should be making money in the city. In the city you can have great income generating buildings that will help you win your battles. The main tip for this is simple: build more than one building at a time. It is a bad idea to build one at a time if the buildings keep up going up 10%, this will turn out to be an exponential loss for you especially as the prices dramatically increase for the higher tiered buildings. Try to save up enough to buy 5,6,7 buildings instead of just 1 or 2 at a time. This should also be your first move since land value keeps going up as you have more.

3. Make Sure Your Army Size is Well Equipped When You Invade

Castle Age HD Tips

Invading other player’s towns is always a great idea, but it’s a bad idea when you don’t the great army size needed to have a successful invasion. posted a few tips on the correct approach to invading:

When you invade your army size is all that matters. You basically know ahead of time who will win so plan accordingly. Dueling on the other hand your army size is basically irrelevant. This makes for a riskier fight, but hey can be more fun as well.

4. Dueling May Be A Bit Better Than Invading

Castle Age HD Tips

Invading works (at times…), but dueling may be a safer bet when it comes to combating other players. Dueling involves placing your main general against someone else’s general. This is much easier to do when you’re equipped with a general that has high stats that will keep you on the winning side of things.

5. Bank Your Gold To Keep Everyone Off Your Tail

You’ll get attacked more than anything if you don’t bank your gold. Your enemies love to invade if they see you have a healthy collection of gold laying around. Bank it and the attacks should lessen. If they don’t, just go ahead and befriend your opponents.

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6. The Deal with Demi-Powers

Demi-Powers plant all types of different perks that become permanent additions to your stats. cleared up all the confusion surrounding these skills:

The demi-powers assist you by offering such things as permanent bonuses to your stats, bonus quests, and powerful items in return for your gaining levels in their favor. You can see the points you have with each by going to the demi power tab under Oracle. To see the rewards they offer, click “view rewards” under their individual tabs. You can get a free blessing each day from one demi power of your choice, excepting Azerion who has a 48 hour timer. Their blessing includes points in their favor and a stat bonus. The stat bonuses offered by each are:

Ambrosia – +1 Energy
Malekus – +1 Attack
Corvintheus – +1 Defense
Aurora – +1 Health
Azeron – +1 Stamina

7. The Best Time to Enter Huge Battles

Castle Age HD Tips

This tip applies to not only Castle Age HD, but it applies to other RPG’s as well – before you engage a big boss/summon encounter, make sure your character is close to leveling up. Gaining a new level at the expense of a vanquished boss always feels good. The experience level you have before a big battle should be equal/less than close to 3x your total stamina. For every 1 stamina point you use to attack, your character will get 3 points of experience.

8. Spam The Same Missions For Extra Money and Experience

Castle Age HD Tips knows that farming the same missions over and over will net you extra experience/money:

Even after you master a specific quest mission, you can still do that mission over and over. Doing this is a great way to earn extra gems and experience points, as well as a ton of gold if you don’t want to battle.

9. Everything You Need to Know About Alchemy

The correct usage of alchemy ingredients will get you the items you prefer to utilize the most. explained the basics behind alchemy:

Alchemy ingredients are not exactly the same as your other types of items, and they aren’t found in the Magic tab of the Town link as you might first expect. Alchemy ingredients are a separate pool of items, and they are found under the Keep link in the Alchemy tab. You mostly get these by accepting Facebook gift requests from friends, but some are loot drops from quests or monster battles. The really confusing part is when an alchemy ingredient is also a soldier, weapon, armor, or magic item, because then it will appear in two places. Alchemy ingredients are components for making other things. Some are items which, when finished, will appear under the appropriate item tab in Town. Some are summoning spells for monster battles, which will appear in the Monsters tab under the Keep link. Some will unlock a new series of quests, which will then appear in the Quests link.

10. So Who’s The Oracle?

The Oracle is there to accept your gathered favor points in exchange for counter refills/special items. You’ll start out with 20 favor points at the start of the game, but you’ll gain more by purchasing them with real cash.

If you have any extra tips and cheats you’d like to contribute to fellow Castle Age ND players, throw them in the comments section!




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