Modern War: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know

Modern War

Modern War is a mobile MMORPG that focuses on the modern usage of soldiers, military-grade weaponry and building management/construction. It takes way more than a couple random train rides to get yourself a good standing on the digital battlefield.

We’re going to push you farther to the line of victory by supplying you with some pretty nifty tips and cheats. After you take heed of these how-to’s, you’ll undoubtedly dominate the and become a strong military leader.

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1. Make Sure You’re Aware of the Game’s Many Terms

Modern War Cheats

There’s plenty of important acronyms that apply to everything important about Modern War. Guidescroll made sure to clear up these acronyms for you all. Once you pick up on all these terms, everything will start to become a little bit clearer:

A/D: (attack/defense) refers to the attack and defense score listed in your profile. NOT the skill point values unless noted.

PVP: refers to raiding or attacking of another player, (player versus player). Usually to gain experience, valor, money, or to accomplish a mission goal.

PVE: (Player versus Environment) Any action or progress made in a mission goal featured in any of the maps. Actions are map exclusive and not directed toward any player.

LLP: (Low Level Player) Usually refers to a player’s secondary account on a different device. Many times a “camper” account dedicated to building economy while benefiting from lessons learned from the mistakes made on the primary account.

FNG: (Effing New Guy)-self explanatory!

Camping: The act of deliberately slowing down the process of leveling up. Usually in order to build strong economy (income) and vault. Also used in order to avoid strong opponents who raid and attack often. Camping is carried out by maintaining a low ally count, avoiding PVP, and avoiding actions that lead to gains in experience and generally focusing on economy building.

Farming: The act of repeatedly attacking a target in order to gain a specific unit, amount of cash, or other thing. Common units farmed are Desert Leader, Amphibious Trooper, and Mini-sub.

Attack: When a player attacks a rival directly for his cash.

Raid: When a player attacks a rival’s BUILDING for the BUILDING’s cash. Cash from buildings cannot be protected by vault.

2. Pay Attention to Your Building’s Level

Modern War

When your ready to configure your base, be sure to drop a few buildings in there. This helps fortify your defenses more than usual, plus it nets you more cash as the game rolls on. The number you’ll see in the center of any building represents its current level. When you tap on any of your buildings, you’ll be given the option of upgrading it. Once upgraded, that number near the building’s center will rise. Level up your buildings to the max for as much income and defenses as you can muster.

3. Know How to Put Your Base Together

Modern War ios

Gamezebo detailed some info on how to begin constructing your military base:

– You will be given a small patch of land to build your military base on.
– You will be able to put two different kinds of buildings on your base and upgrade each one so that it does more for you.
– Money Buildings – These when placed on your base will earn money for you at various intervals. These can be purchased for cash or gold
– Unit Buildings – These buildings when placed on your base will unlock various weapon units you can purchase and use in your battles. These can be purchased with cash or gold and can be very expensive.
– You will be able to upgrade money buildings and increase the amount paid out at different intervals.

4. Stack Your Pockets With Some Cash and Gold

Of course you’re gonna need some funds to keep your military operation afloat. There’s two different types of money that apply to two different uses – cash and gold bars. Cash comes from your building operations and several looting activities. When the game starts, you’ll get 20,000 cash dough to keep you stable. As for the gold bars, they help by speeding up the construction/upgrading/repairing process. You can also use these gold bars to cop some special units, weapons, vehicles etc.

5. Make Good Use of Your Skill Points By Purchasing Energy

Modern War

That blue bar marked by lightning you’ll notice near the top of the screen stands for energy. Energy comes in handy when you visit insurgent camps and perform a bunch of missions in succession. During the earlier moments of your campaign, make sure you spend most of your skill points on energy. Bring up your energy points ASAP so there maximum output comes in at a good level. If your energy runs out, you can refill it by either waiting for it to reload or buying more energy with gold bars.

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6. Here’s All of the Nation Bonuses You Need to Know

Modern War Nation Bonus

Guidescroll also posted up a few juicy details regarding the bonus stats your offenses/defenses will get from the many nations in the game:

UK: 10% toward Sea Power (unit’s attack and defense point values on sea units is increased by 10%)
– UK has the highest possible defensive stats when nation bonus is factored in.

Russia: 10% toward Air Power (unit’s attack and defense point values on air units is increased by 10%)
– Russia has highest possible attack stats when nation bonus is factored in.

Germany: 10% toward Ground Power (unit’s attack and defense point values on ground units is increased by 10%)
– Germany will not have highest stats in either attack or defense category, but the highest valor unit in ground has the best defense stats of all the valor units.

China: 10% toward Infantry Power (unit’s attack and defense point values on Infantry units is increased by 10%)
– China also will not have any particularly powerful stats in Attack or Defense categories when buying Infantry units, however, the GIGN unit is the cheapest of the “high value” valor units.

USA: 10% faster stamina recovery.
– Stamina points are used in attacking others, this allows for more PVP action.

Iran: 10% faster energy recovery.
– Faster energy recovery allows one to complete mission goals (PVE) faster.

7. Join The VIP Section

Modern War VIP Status

When you go ahead and spend 10 gold bars, you’ll be able to gain VIP status. This beneficial title will aid you in battle by making you available to join players you don’t even know. Everyone is allowed to invite up to three VIP players to their squad. Make sure you collect some cash from your allies by hitting that “Visit Allies” button. You’ll gain 1,000 bucks from your paid visits within a 24-hour period. Know this huge tip, though – VIP status won’t always be available to access.

8. Group Up With Some Worthy Allies

This game thrives off of a strong community of players who seek to win by aiding each other in battle. You’ll be assigned a 9-digit Alliance ID just like everyone else. Make sure you take advantage of these Alliance ID’s just so you can become a well-protected military leader. When going into battle, you’ll be able to bring four separate alliance partners alongside you. posted up several Alliance ID’s for iOS and Android devices. Make sure you don’t add more than 1000 allies since you’ll lose them all if you do!

Here’s five of them to start you off:

– 657-515-530
– 334-334-858
– 360-153-151
– 293-315-024
– 817-019-505

9. Go At Your Rival’s Heads

Modern War Tips

Raiding your rivals’ bases not only nets you more money, but it earns you some valor points. You’ll end up making a few rivals eventually since you’ll be attacked eventually. Check out’s noteworthy guide on combating rivals:

Even if it is a tough mission, a lot of money can be earned in attacking rivals. The attack you will make can be a revenge or first time attack. By tapping on the icon that looks something like a radar on the main screen, you will see the list of people who have attacked you and those you can attack. You review the statistics of those that match your profile which you can attack.

You will earn valor points by raiding your rival’s base. You will be able to choose what to attack as you get to the base. Tap on a unit twice to attack and several attacks have to be made to loot a unit completely. Tap on the valor medals and cash as they pop up to ad them to your inventory. You will strengthen your army and earn extra money through raiding. Add more players to your list of allies to gain more strength.

As you bring four of your allies’ units to battle, your army will be strengthened. Alliance ID is vital in your quest for allies so look for them from forums and other venues. Visit the camp of your allies through the main menu by tapping on “more” the “visit allies” For daily rewards, access “My Alliance List” wherein you can also remove allies or visit them if you wish. On top of your screen are tabs where you can have requests and send them at the same time.

10. Pay Attention to These Tips From the Game’s Devs

Modern War Tips

Modojo was granted an audience from the game’s devs and they ended up getting a few random tips for the game:

– Not all buildings are equal. Upgrade unit buildings to purchase stronger units.
– Participate in events for the chance to win premium gold-quality units.
– Protect your assets! Always put extra money in your vault to protect it from your rivals.
– Get more out of your friends. Factions not only give you a group of friends to play with but also gives you the chance to purchase faction wide bonuses.
– Keep your enemies close and friends closer. Allies allow you to bring in more units to battle, but beware because allies can still attack each other.
– Takes money to make money! Keep developing and upgrading “money” buildings to bring in a steady flow of income.
– Keep tabs on your income earned by checking your assets in your profile.
– Regularly participate in live events to earn boost units. Live events are the only place you can earn them.

If you have any additional tips/strategies/cheats for Modern War, drop them in the comments section below!


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