Doodle Jump: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

6. Here’s An Essential Move That Will Make Monsters Easier to Kill

Doodle Jump Tips offers a great tip that will help players kill of the game’s enemies in a faster, more efficient way:

This tip is one of the simpler ones. There are monsters that will be easy to kill when you have mastered this move. What you need to do is carefully and quickly navigate between a dangerous hole and the green monster waiting to pounce on you. What you need to next is just keep jumping in the middle platforms. And just underneath the hole, tilt Doodle the Doodler. Then tilt back as soon as you move past the hole. It is a simple and not so flashy move. But this way you move past the hole and can now focus on destroying the monster.

7. Aim for Lower Platforms When You Go Higher

Doodle Jump

The WikiHow page for Doodle Jump provided tip on maximizing the use of lower platforms once you get to a higher plateau that’s filled with faster moving platforms:

As you go higher, aim lower. As you go higher, the platforms move faster back and forth and you have less time to gauge whether your jump will hit or miss a platform. It’s tempting to aim for a higher platform but, by design, many platforms are just barely out of reach. Aiming for a lower platform is worth the extra time considering how long it would take to get back that lofty level.

8. So What Achievement Are There?

If you’re focused on getting every in-game achievement that’s present in the game, then refer to the achievements section seen below (the credit for this achievements list goes to Game Revolution):

– Twitter Connector (10 Points): Tweet your score on Twitter
– Facebook Connector (10 Points): Post your score on Facebook
– Spring Shoes Jumper (10 Points): Jumped with spring shoes on without falling
– Serial Springer (10 Points): Jumped on 3 springs in a row
– Super Serial Springer (20 Points): Jumped on 5 springs in a row
– Monster Bouncer (10 Points): Jumped on 10 monsters in one game
– Super Monster Bouncer (20 Points): Jumped on 30 monsters in one game
– Conflict Avoider (10 Points): Jump past 10 monsters in one game
– Super Conflict Avoider (20 Points): Jump past 30 monsters in one game
– Sharp Shooter (10 Points): Shoot 5 monsters in a row without missing
– Super Sharp Shooter (20 Points): Shoot 10 monsters in a row without missing
– Propellerhead (10 Points): Use 3 propellerhats in one game
– Jetpack Rider (20 Points): Use 3 jetpacks in one game
– Old-fashioned Jumper (20 Points): Jump past 3 jetpacks without picking them up
– UFO abduction survivor: Survive UFO abduction

9. Try Out Some New Stage Themes

Doodle Jump Cheats

When you eventually lose a game, try entering these codes in when you’re asked to enter your name. Some of these change the overall theme of the stage you’ll proceed to play in, while one of these codes in particular gives the enemies a new design:

– Boo: Halloween
– Snow: Christmas
– Creeps: Transforms the stages’ enemies into the ones “The Creeps”

10. Change Up Your Style When You Die

When you fail and lose your life, you’ll get the chance to enter your name in. What you should know is that you” actually get different outfits when you enter in different names. Here’s a list of those names and what cool new outfits you’ll get with those names:

– Bunny: Bunny Outfit
– E.B. or HOP: Another Bunny Outfit
– Boo: Ghost Dude
– Snow: Christmas Outfit
– Klack: Pocket God Dude
– Ooga – Pocket God Dude
– Booga – Pocket God Dude
– Nooby – Pocket God Dude
– Dooby – Pocket God Dude
– Klik – Pocket God Dude
– Creeps: Creeps Character

If you have any extra tips and cheats you’d like to contribute to fellow Doodle Jump players, throw them in the comments section!