Doodle Jump: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Doodle Jump Tips

Doodle Jump. You know it. You’ve played it. You’re probably playing it to death right now!

The simple art style and gameplay all combine into a super addictive game that’s hard to put down. You control a cute, lil’ yellow avatar that’s a masterful jumper. You’re put in charge of getting this yellow dude to higher platforms while dodging enemies and other random hazards. We know you’re looking to get the highest score possible and land on some of the tougher situated platforms. Well, our aid will be of great use to you.

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to use during your time with the super addictive Doodle Jump!

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1. So What’s Classic Mode All About?

You’ll notice that there’s the option to select a mode called “Classic Mode.” This mode of play is designed for casual players who don’t want to deal with the headaches from constantly dying much faster than their more talented Doodle Jump players. In Classic Mode, the blue tiles that players can manually move around with your finer input won’t be present. This takes down the game’s difficulty level substantially, but it comes with one caveat – no use of those sweet jetpacks. Go Classic if you want to, but just know what you’re missing.

2. What Gadgets Will Help You Get Even Higher?

Doodle Jump Tips Tricks

Of course, the point of Doodle Jump is to get as high as possible and grant yourself an amazingly high score. There’s a good amount of items that can get you as high as you need to go. Here’s the items that will get you to that top position:

– Springs
– Rockets/Super Rockets (this second pair of rockets will appear during the Space and Under Water level themes)
– Propeller Caps
– Trampolines

3. Lower Your Expectations

With an infinite jumper game such as this, you’ll have to come in knowing that you will die…a lot. The higher you get, the tougher the stage gets and the faster the platforms move. Set your expectations down a bit. You will fail and you won’t get to that fast moving platform most of the time. The road to success is paved with failure, which rings true with this game. Hopping up by gradually making your way up lower platforms that are close to each other are the way to go. Don’t go overshooting your jumps and try to hop on those super high platforms. You may get the urge to get super high. Calm yourself and go in moderation, folks. Make those mistakes, learn from ’em and watch your high score get even better.

4. There’s A Neat Little Trick Hiding Away at the Bottom of the Title Screen

Doodle Jump

Whenever you go to the title screen, take a peek at the bottom of the screen. Scroll your finger at the bottom and you’ll notice that you can change some of the themes that are available in the game. Those themes include Rainforest, Halloween, Christmas, Space, Regular Stage, Soccer etc.

5. Shooting The Right Way

Doodle Jump

So you do know you have the ability to shoot at any enemies that get in your way, right? Whenever you touch the screen in a certain direction, your onscreen Doodler will shoot in that direction. Here’s a neat little trick – if you tap on any area that’s below you, your character will actually shoot upwards every time. This can help you kill off any enemies much easier, since you don’t have to concern yourself with aiming a specific direction to fell some enemies. Tap on the bottom and keep the top screen clear so you can see where you’re going.

Your Doodler has a weapon to dispatch the bad guys, a projectile shooter. This is controlled by touch, and if you touch the screen your character will fire in that general direction. What many people don’t know is that if you touch the screen below the Doodler, he will still fire upwards, and in the direction you touched, even though you touched the bottom of the play field. This is helpful because it allows the player to dispatch enemies without disorienting themselves by touching the screen and blocking the action.

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