‘Metro Redux’: The Only Review You Need to Read


Metro Redux

Two of the more under appreciated FPS’s of the last console generation were Metro 2033 and its sequel, Metro: Last Light. Developer 4A Games managed to craft two narrative-driven shooters that placed us in a bleak, post-apocalyptic Russia. The outside world has been plagued by the aftermath of nuclear war, which has forced the survivors to take refuge in the underground tunnels. Your main character, Artyom, must contend with his “fellow” survivors, dangerous creatures and a race of otherworldly individuals known as the “Dark Ones.”

The numerous dark caverns and tunnels, along with the outside remains of a destroyed Russia, offer a great mix of differing locales and interesting place to explore. Artyom’s growth through both games will keep you enthralled. For those of you who haven’t had the chance to experience both games, this is the perfect opportunity to play them. Each major character you come across may or may not have a dark secret or ulterior motive for aiding you, packs of monsters are hiding around dark corners and a whole host of NPC’s scurry about during your travels. Both game’s feature compelling plots that play out at a slow, deliberate pace that lends itself well to each single-player campaign.

Metro Redux

PC gamers who had the necessary gear needed to properly play both game already got a chance to see them at their full potential visually. This Redux edition cleans up the visuals even more and gives current-gen console owners that very same quality. Everything looks 10x cleaner than past versions and the both games now move at a much more satisfying 60 FPS. Just take a gander at the screenshots posted thus far to see actual proof of how much more amazing the graphics are. The darkened landscapes of your journey through toxic environments and enemy encampments look a lot closer to how they look on a full-fledged gaming PC.

Metro Redux

The audio fidelity of these releases are still an all-time high. The random conversations between onlookers, the intimidating growls of incoming monsters and even the sounds of traditional Russian folk songs all play a huge part in improving the overall feel and mood.

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Metro Redux

Metro 2033 had its issues, gameplay wise. But Metro: Last Light made an effort to right those wrongs and bring its fans back into the fold for a much better experience. Those same upgrades have been ported over to the sequel’s predecessor. Having the option to wipe blood/gas of your gas mask’s visor and getting the chance to customize your weaponry in Metro 2033 is a godsend. Along with these important gameplay tweaks are the two separate selectable playstyles – Survivor and Spartan. Survivor is a more of a survival-horror experience, since you get far less ammo to work with. Thankfully, Spartan mode gives traditional FPS gamers the type of gameplay they’re familiar with. These cool options, plus the added suite of all the DLC content for both game, makes this the ultimate package.

Metro Redux

1st time players will get sucked into the bleak and disturbing world of both games. The shooting mechanics themselves are reliable and solid enough to give you a reason to keep a stock of guns and shivs. The majority of the sequences placed in both games deal with searching through dark areas for goods, dealing with intelligent A.I. foes who take some smart planning to vanquish and some memorable character interactions. The 30-minute variety show sequence is an example of the great ways this series makes players feel fully immersed.

Final Verdict

Metro Redux

Metro: Redux is the best way to play two of the more underrated games of the past generation. The complete visual overhaul for current-gen systems, gameplay tweaks and full offering of past DLC makes this collection one of the more polished ones out there. The still solid gunplay and excellent storytelling are still here to bring in newcomers who have yet to take both games for a spin. The presence of game-breaking glitches and annoying game bugs are also non-existent now.

Rating: 9/10

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