The 10 Most Amazing Minecraft Creations Videos

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When Minecraft released years ago, it became quickly apparent that there are a lot of smart, creative video game players in the world. Some of the stuff people have managed to build within Mojang’s digital crafting game is truly breathtaking. Minecraft comes with basic engineering tools like redstone and pistons that allow gamers to build monumental objects, device and inventions.

With so much out there, we’ve found the very best Minecraft creations and listed them here.

1. Minecraft Working Computer

If there’s one thing I thought would never be possible it would be creating a working computer within a game inside a working computer. Some genius of a Minecraft player used only the tools available in the game (and his ridiculous skills, patience and time) to create a simple-yet-functioning computer within Minecraft. As you might imagine, the thing is enormous. By now, plenty of players have created their own computers, and each one is just as impressive as the last. However they do it goes way over my head; just looking at the things give me a headache.

2. Minecraft King’s Landing

One of the funner things to do in Minecraft is create cities. With the popularity of HBO’s Game of Thrones, an adaption of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series of novels, it was only a matter of time before someone decided to recreate Westeros in the game. King’s Landing is the biggest city in the show, peppered with towers and houses, lined with tight corridors and surrounded by docks on the water. A group managed to recapture the iconic location flawlessly within Minecraft, making for a truly impressive creation.

3. Minecraft Minas Tirith

Game of Thrones is fine and dandy, but let’s take a moment to hark back to the original fantasy series that set the stage for all things swords and sorcery to follow: The Lord of the Rings. Yes, J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic trilogy might not be as popular as HBO’s show, but the locales from The Lord of the Rings are just as enchanting. Take Minas Tirith, the White City, for example. It has a distinct shape that’s immediately recognizable, and this Minecraft version nails its giant landing and spiral structure perfectly.

4. Minecraft Planet Earth

It doesn’t get much more ambitious than this. Someone had the crazy idea to map out the entirety of Earth in Minecraft (though, thankfully, on a much smaller scale). It might be smaller, but it took an unbelievable 135 billion blocks to build this map. The creation goes so far as to scale not just in two dimensions but vertically, too, with Mount Everest being the tallest point on the map and the Mariana Trench going the lowest. Locations look appropriate, with sand and cacti where deserts should be and grass and trees in the forests. All in all, it’s an earth-shattering feat.

5. Minecraft Starship Enterprise

Nerds, am I right? They may make the world go round, but they apparently make giant Minecraft models of Star Trek spaceships as well. Here we have the Starship Enterprise recreated almost perfectly to scale (don’t as me how they know the scale of a fictional spaceship). The thing is so big that it’s hard to make out the whole ship in one look without the farther parts fading into the distant fog. And it’s not just the outside either; the interior is decorated accurately, too, from the captain’s quarters to the warp drive. That’s dedication.

6. Minecraft Interstate

The Minecraft interstate isn’t so much of an impressive creation as it is a monument to a single man’s tireless work. Apparently this long, straight set of mine cart tracks that travels through tunnels and bridges took two months of constant digging and building to complete. It takes half an hour to ride a cart along the whole thing, which amounts to eight in-game miles. That’s one long, straight line. Fortunately, the video is sped up, making the peaceful journey last a mere three minutes.

7. Minecraft Denmark

I don’t know how it was done (I assume no small amount of external software was involved), but some higher-ups over in Denmark decided to recreate their entire country in Minecraft on a one-to-one scale in order to help educate children. Using video games to help teach youth? I’m down for that. Apparently some American jokesters weren’t too keen on the idea, though; the world was vandalized with TNT and American flags. Still, it must be pretty cool for Denmark citizens to explore their own home through a video game.

8. Minecraft Playable Guitar

The vanilla version of Minecraft has music boxes that make it possible to play tunes. This user took that idea one (or 100) steps further and created a working, playable guitar. Using loads of redstone, repeaters and switches, he made it possible to play repeating chords and even switch them in real time. Just for fun, he also created a giant guitar that shows the appropriate fingerings for the chords being played. Now it’s only a matter of time before some crazy indie band creates an album using this convoluted method.

9. Minecraft 3D Printer

Three-dimensional printers are already a mind-blowing technology. The ability to print out almost any 3D object you can think of is pretty futuristic, and if you had told me about 3D printers 10 years ago, I would’ve thought they were nothing more than science fiction. They’re real, though, and one Minecraft user had the idea to make a 3D printer of sorts within the game. The creations printed might be on the simple side, and there’s tons of lag involved to print just a single object, but it’s still an astounding feat.

10. Minecraft Rapture

Every gamer remembers that awesome moment when they arrived in the city of Rapture for the first time in the original BioShock. There’s something magical about the underwater city, and I’m not referring to the plasmids and psychotic splicers. The Art Deco architecture and old-timey atmosphere are second to none. Knowing how famous the setting the location is in the video game world, a group of players decided to recreate Rapture within Minecraft. Most awing of all is the fact that they built the city entirely underwater.

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