Top 5 Best Minecraft House Tutorial Videos

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In Minecraft, everyone wants to be a master architect and build houses and castles and fortresses that would put Frank Lloyd Wright to shame. It may look like a simple crafting game on the outside, but once you dive in, you’ll find Minecraft makes it possible to build everything from traps to working clocks to calculators. But before you get to that level, you gotta start small, right?

Crafting something cool requires an understanding of the basics, and that’s where we come in. Here are some awesome video tutorials that will help you craft awesome beginner houses in Minecraft to keep you safe at night.

1. Minecraft Lake House Tutorial

Who hasn’t dreamed of living on a lake at least once in their lifetime? Now with Minecraft (and a lot of imagination), your dreams can become a reality! This 20-minute video shows you how to construct your own cabin on the water, from the process of building deck to the steps necessary to make the roof. Make sure you bring lots of wood. As a bonus, the video features relaxing, ambient music to put you in the appropriate mood.

2. Minecraft Modern House Tutorial

Modern houses look surprising good in Minecraft. Just look at that square structure and those window panes and that dark wood! Okay, so I don’t know much about modern design, but I do know this tutorial makes one sexy house. It’s small and compact, which means you can make it early in the game when you’re strapped for loads of materials. The video even displays different versions of the home based on the materials you have on hand. Pretty snazzy.

3. Minecraft Small Fishing Hut Tutorial

Want a charming and cozy home that’s both convenient and attractive? Look no further! The small fishing hut is compact, but it has everything you need: a crafting bench, stove, bed, chests and, of course, a deck for fishing. As easy and quick as it is to make one of these (no need for glass panes), there’s no reason not to include one in your world for those times you just need to get away and relax.

4. Minecraft Suburban House Tutorial

From the guy who brought you the fishing hut tutorial, here’s Keralis again with a video demonstrating how to build a regular suburban house. Arguably, this is one of the more “normal-looking” homes you can build, but that doesn’t mean it’s boring; it’s actually quite pretty (especially with unique texture packs). With a bit of landscaping and some interior decorating, you can make this house look more or less like your own!

5. Minecraft Cabin Tutorial

Keralis is back one last time to show you how to make a comfy cabin. What can I say? The guy knows how to build Minecraft houses! The cabin features a somewhat complex roof and porch, but if you can pull it off, you’ll have an impressive-looking structure. Make sure you check out part two of the tutorial so your cabin ends up as sleek as possible.

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