‘Vampyr’ RPG on the Way From ‘Life is Strange’ Dev, Dontnod

Vampyr game

DontNod and Focus Home Interactive have revealed their newest project, Vampyr, an action RPG that puts you in the role of, you guessed it, a vampire.

Although we hardly have any details for the project, the reveal was made on the official Focus Interactive Twitter with an image showing the title, developer, publisher, the words “The Role Playing Game,” and a main character resembling The Crow. Also, the image on Twitter showed a Vampyr T-shirt that reads “Take Blood & Save a Life.”

Slightly more information can be found at The Sixth Axis, which is reporting that Vampyr will take place just after World War One. We’re not given an official locale in which the game is set, but it looks like it is either London or Paris (and given that DontNod resides in Paris, the latter seems more likely). But, we do know that players will take on the role of a doctor that has been bitten by one of his patients, transforming him into a vampire. But instead of calling the game Vampire, DontNod made the Y in the name relate to the in-game choices the doctor has to face as the doctor side of him wants to heal people, but the vampire side of him wants to feed. A Y…like a fork in the road, I guess.

Vampyr game

Apparently, DontNod is going to start up a second development team so that one can work on Vampyr will the other can work on more projects for the studio (which likely means they already have something else planned). DontNod has an interesting backlog of titles. To me, Remember Me was vastly underrated and received poor response from reviewers, but the story was interesting, the world looked great (although not fully an open world), and the gameplay was something fresh. The studio has the first episode of Life is Strange dropping soon, which also looks good, at least. Hopefully, Vampyr will be something great. I definitely like the idea of the game, since the video game world hasn’t really seen anything relating to vampires in quite some time.

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