Top 5 E3 2015 Predictions for Wii U

Wii U

We’ve already gave our E3 2015 predictions for planned announcements for the Xbox One and PS4. Now we’re down to the last of the big three – Nintendo.

Nintendo has been in the news a lot lately. They successfully released the New 3DS, some awesome Wii U exclusives have kept the Wii U fanbase happy and plans for a new console have been made public. We’re always super excited to see a new Nintendo Direct, especially one that occurs during E3. We have a few hopes and wishes that we think will definitely happen during Nintendo’s E3 2015 livestream presentation.

Here’s our top five E3 2015 predictions for Wii U.

5. New Gameplay Footage and a Release Date Will Be Revealed for Star Fox and Xenoblade Chronicles X

Star Fox Wii U

Legendary video game developer Shigeru Miyamoto had a big presence at last year’s E3. Not only did he give gamers a closer look at his newest project (a type of robot fighting game), he supplied us all with a brief glimpse at the next Star Fox. We haven’t heard or seen much of the game since then, but we know that it will be a big feature of E3 2015’s Nintendo Direct. Not only will we see a bunch of new footage, we see the Wii U Star Fox getting a release date prepped for this Holiday season.

As for Xenoblade Chronicles X, the time in nearing closer and closer for its eventual release in North America. We envision a new trailer for the game getting its debut during E3 2015. Plus, we see Nintendo marking the game’s official U.S. launch date sometime around September or October.

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4. Animal Crossing Will Finally Make Its Way Over to the Wii U

Animal Crossing

So far, most of Nintendo’s biggest franchises have made their way onto the Wii U. Don’t you all think it’s about time the denizens of Animal Crossing got the big move from portable devices to the living rooms of Nintendo fans everywhere. It makes too much sense, right?

The online capabilities of the Wii U may not be as strong as its console competitors, but it’s efficient enough to make good use of Animal Crossing’s features. We’ll all get our first glance at the colorful animals and preppy neighborhood of Animal Crossing in glorious HD.

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3. Pokken Tournament Will Be Announced as a 2016 Wii U Release

Pokken Tournament

The brains behind Bandai Namco’s Tekken series have partnered up with Nintendo to do something we never knew we wanted so much – a fighting game featuring Pokemon. Watching Pikachu and Machamp beat the breaks off each other within the confines of a spacious 3D arena looks so damn fun.

Now that we know this game is real, we’re anticipating it moving over from Japanese arcades to the Wii U…eventually. Pokken Tournament will get a huge trailer during this year’s E3. We know for sure that this feature rich trailer is meant for the public arcade launch in Japan. But we have a feeling this pocket monster fighter will get ported over to the Wii U in 2016.

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2. A New Metroid That Mixes the Best Elements of the 2D and 3D Entries Will Get Announced


Samus got done so wrong by a game we hardly speak of nowadays – Metroid: Other M. Once she finally started speaking, her badass stature got taken down a peg. Gamers haven’t seen her in fine form for a good long while now. The time is right for her to star in her own space pirate hunting escapade once again.

Nintendo knows this. They have to since fans of the armored alien hunter have made their voices known more and more. We see the 1st glimpses of a Wii U crafted Metroid game making their debut during the E3 2015 Nintendo Direct. This welcome series return will pretty much be a more amazing rendition of Other M. And we have a feeling that the Wii U gamepad will play a huge role in all that environmental scanning used in the Prime series.

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1. The Legend of Zelda for Wii U Will Receive an Official Release Date

Zelda Wii U

We trust Zelda developer Eiji Aonuma when he keeps saying that his new game is on track for a 2015 release date. He’s done a great job of releasing awesome footage of the game’s beautiful open world in action. The new look for Link gives us the impression that his way of doing battle and saving his homeland will be much more impactful this time around. He hasn’t rocked a bit of green since being revealed, which is a mystery to us.

We can’t wait to solve that mystery and get an extended look at the game’s backstory. A massive gameplay demonstration and solid details will finally come to us all at E3 2015. The Legend of Zelda Wii U will be dated for sometime around November of this year.

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