Top 5 E3 2015 Predictions for PS4

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Sony has started off 2015 real strong. They had a great showing at their own PlayStation Experience event, which was sort of like attending an E3 devoted to Sony’s gaming platforms.

With E3 2015 heading our way, Sony is probably getting prepped to drop a few more bombshells about what’s next in store for the PS4. Our gut instincts are telling us a bunch of things that we hope becomes a reality. From expected game announcements to shocking reveals of PlayStation icons we haven’t seen in a while, these are our top 5 E3 2015 predictions for PS4.

The PS4 is gaining steam. If any of these predictions come to fruition, Sony’s current-gen console will be event stronger.

5. Gran Turismo 7 Will Make Its Grand Debut With Gameplay Footage and a Release Date

Gran Turismo 6

Polphony Digital already made it known that the 7th main entry in the Gran Turismo series is on the way. The last entry released in 2013, which has given plenty of free road space to new and existing racing game IP’s to blossom. Sony needs to make sure they have their hyper realistic racer ready for war with Microsoft’s Forza Horizon 6 this holiday season.

One of the 1st announcements we envision Sony making during their E3 2015 PlayStation press conference is Gran Turismo 7. Kazunori Yamauchi has done his best to design this racing simulation series to be the best it can be. He’ll be the one to take the stage to show off his new game with an extensive gameplay trailer. Expect to see a November 2015 release window for the game, too.

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4. Gravity Rush 2 Will Be Announced as a PS4 Exclusive

Gravity Rush

Yeah so…the PlayStation Vita is pretty much dead in the water, right? There aren’t any huge exclusive games on the horizon for Sony’s portable device and the company itself doesn’t seem to talk about it much. One of the better games on the Vita platform was a cel-shaded action-platformer called Gravity Rush. The floaty physics and fast-paced combat made us appreciate Kat and her portable journey.

Since the PS Vita is on its last legs, we think Sony will commission its Japanese Studio to bring Gravity Rush’s sequel to the PS4. With a bigger install base and more horsepower behind it, the PS4 has the potential to make this series fire on all cylinders. Gravity Rush 2 will be debuted in a quick teaser trailer and show off the almighty PS4 logo near its conclusion.

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3. Guerrilla Games’ Unnamed RPG Project Will Finally Be Revealed

Guerrilla Games RPG

The developers behind the Killzone series are rumored to be churning away on a new project. Not only is it an entirely new game, it’s said to be a game that’s based in a new genre. The only thing we know about is that it has possibly been codenamed “Horizon,” plus the concept art posted above is said to feature elements of the project in question.

We think Guerrilla Games has been spending their time wisely on this RPG since they’ve released Killzone: Shadow Fall as a PS4 launch title. Not only will the development studio showcase their newest game to the world during E3 2015, they’ll also give us an extensive walkthrough on its progress for the PS4.

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2. The PS4 Reboot of Ratchet & Clank Will Be Shown Off and Given an Official Release Date

Ratchet and Clank PS4

Sony and Insomniac Games seems to be in the process of rebooting their Ratchet & Clank series. After a bunch of main games and side stories, the Lombax and his loyal robot have kind of fell off the radar. With a major animated film coming down the pipeline, Insomniac Games has gone into production for a PS4 reboot of the very 1st game in the series.

We think development on this game is more far along than anyone thinks. As a matter of fact, we think its almost close to completion. Insomniac Games will showcase its visually stunning take on the original Ratchet & Clank adventure at E3 2015. Our video game release date crystal ball tells us that Ratchet & Clank on the PS4 will be released sometime between August and October.

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1. A Classic PlayStation One Era Classic Will Receive a Reboot on the PS4

Syphon Filter

Sony’s PlayStation brand has a vault full of memorable PlayStation One franchises – Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Legend of Dragoon, Syphon Filter, PaRappa the Rapper etc. While we do know a bunch of new IP’s are making their way to the PS4, we get the feeling that Sony is ready to revive one of the PS One’s classics as well.

Now which one do we think will get the current-gen reboot it deserves? We’re banking on three titles – either PaRappa the Rapper, Wipeout or Syphon Filter. Activision already has a lock on Sony’s former platforming heroes, so our three picks are more likely to happen. Syphon Filter seems like the more likely choice at this point. It’s high time that this 3rd-person shooter with an espionage hook deserves a return to prominence.

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