Top 10 Best Games of 2015 (So Far)

best games of 2015

Here we are just days away from E3 2015, signifying that we’re just about halfway through the year in video games. 2015 has been a tumultuous year for video games so far, with a lot of ups and a lot of downs. But, it’s safe to say that we’ve already seen some truly great games released in 2015 for our shiny new generation of consoles, the Xbox One and PS4 (and the Wii U, although it’s obviously not as new).

So without further ado, here are the top 10 best games of 2015 (so far):

10. ‘Kirby and the Rainbow Curse’

best games of 2015

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse is the only Wii U game worth mentioning for 2015 so far, which is unfortunate for Wii U owners like myself. Undoubtedly, E3 2015 will bring us a slew of new Wii U games for 2015. Kirby and the Rainbow Curse was a nicely paced gorgeous platformer that was one of Nintendo’s more challenging efforts. It had a lot of unique mechanics contained within the gameplay, and it was a great return for the Kirby series.

Buy ‘Kirby and the Rainbow Curse’ here.


best games of 2015

Say what you will about #IDARB, but the game certainly earned itself at least one new fan upon its release. The game is such a unique indie title, and basically carved out a brand new genre of indie 8bit competitive sports games. It’s clear that the developers wanted to make just a simply fun game, and half of the fun was creating your own team of 8bit characters. Its only flaw was the online lag, but hopefully that will be sorted out at some point. Still, as far as couch multiplayer competitive games are concerned, you won’t find more fun in 2015 than with #IDARB.

8. ‘Project CARS’

best game 2015

Although it failed to make its way to the Wii U, Project CARS is an impressive racing game which contains truly stunning visuals. There are a ton of cars, tracks and races to be had, and as far as car games are concerned, you won’t find a better racing simulator than 2015’s Project CARS.

Buy ‘Project Cars’ here.

7. ‘Dying Light’

best games of 2015

Dying Light turned out to be everything that Dead Island should’ve been, so much so, in fact, that we believe it led to the delay of Dead Island 2. Dying Light was a tough game as far as difficulty was concerned, and when night fell, there was definitely a sense of fear as you scrambled to get back to your base. It is a feeling of fear unlike anything else we’ve seen in a video game yet, and while there are a plethora of new zombie games every year, Dying Light is likely going to stand out as the best zombie game of 2015.

Buy ‘Dying Light’ here.

6. ‘Ori and the Blind Forest’

Ori and the Blind Forest TrailerOri and the Blind Forest is an action-adventure platformer that combines deep exploratory gameplay with emotional storytelling. Join Ori to solve the mysteries of a dying forest while escaping the evil clutches of Kuro, the dark owl. Ori and the Blind Forest releases March 11, 2015.2014-06-09T19:11:17Z

Ori and the Blind Forest sort of sneaked up on us upon its release, since it wasn’t a game we were exactly anticipating to be all that great. We were wrong. In fact, Ori and the Blind Forest is the best platformer of 2015 so far, and will likely still reign king at the end of the year. Its visuals were stunning, the story was well paced, and the game’s difficulty and basically open world were a breath of fresh air for the genre.

Buy ‘Ori and the Blind Forest’ here.

5. ‘Cities: Skylines’

Cities: Skylines Lets Play Part 62 ► New York COMPLETED! 200,000 Pop!◀ Series FInaleLets Play Part 62 ► New York COMPLETED! 200,000 Pop!◀ Series FInale Big Discounts On Games – Use the link above to see today's offer. A new game on offer every 24 hours! SkyeStormeGaming receives a commission for each purchase made using the above link. A complete playthrough of Cities: Skylines showing you everything…2015-05-29T22:15:58Z

Cities: Skylines grabbed a majority of the former SimCity fans, capitalizing on the failure of 2013’s SimCity. Skylines felt like a true city simulator, something that the SimCity franchise lost with its latest release. It is by far Paradox Interactive’s best game to date, holding a 10/10 on STEAM as well as 4.5/5.0 on Metacritic. If you love to build your own city, Cities: Skyline is the game of 2015 that simply can’t be missed.

Buy ‘Cities: Skylines’ here.

4. ‘Mortal Kombat X’

best games of 2015

The valiant return of the Mortal Kombat franchise went much better than originally anticipated. In fact, Mortal Kombat X turned out to be the best Mortal Kombat game to date. It’s delightfully brutal, and looks absolutely stunning. Even with the less than ideal DLC packaging, Mortal Kombat X is a must play game for fighting game fans. Read our Mortal Kombat X review here.

Buy ‘Mortal Kombat X’ here.

3. ‘Bloodborne’

Bloodborne: The First 18 Minutes – IGN FirstCheck out the first 18 virtually-uninterrupted minutes of From Software's upcoming PS4 game.2015-02-02T17:15:55Z

PS4 exclusive Bloodborne took the PlayStation world by storm in February, and many PS4 gamers are calling it game of the year material. Gameplay was brutally difficult, and the Victorian setting was praised by anyone that picked up the game. Many are calling it the best console exclusive for the new generation of consoles so far.

Buy ‘Bloodborne’ here.

2. ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ PC

VideoVideo related to top 10 best games of 2015 (so far)2015-06-02T13:58:52-04:00

We already knew how great Grand Theft Auto V was, but when it hit the PC earlier this year, we were blown away. The PC version is the true ultimate version, and there are already a ton of great mods available for the game, including a zombie mod in the works. Everything is, of course, better with zombies, but even without the undead, Grand Theft Auto V absolutely rocks.

Buy ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ PC Version here.

1. ‘The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’

VideoVideo related to top 10 best games of 2015 (so far)2015-06-02T13:58:52-04:00

As it stands right now, the game with the most potential for winning game of the year has to be last month’s The Witcher 3: Wild HuntThe latest Witcher game to hit the shelves is eons ahead of its predecessor in every way, the scale is absolutely huge, and the gameplay is fantastic. Even with its few minor technical hiccups that CD Projekt Red is still sorting out, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is undoubtedly the best game to be released so far in 2015.

Buy ‘The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’ here.

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