‘Fantasy War Tactics’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

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Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Fantasy War Tactics.

1. Take Advantage of Advantages!

Fantasy War Tactics

• Before entering the dungeon, click on the magnifying glass icon to check the monsters’ party formation, and adjust your own party so their advantages are stronger than them. If you don’t have any stronger advantages, use members with the same advantages as the monsters. If the monster’s type is “scissors” and your hero’s type is “rock,” you get a 30-percent damage increase bonus when attacking, and a 25-percent damage decrease bonus when attacked.

2. Use Other Tactics Effectively

Fantasy War Tactics

• When attacking a monster from an angle over 90-degrees, a direction strategy activates with a 15-percent damage bonus. When attacking a monster from an advantageous terrain, a terrain strategy activates with a 20-percent damage bonus. When a monster is within the attack range of the 1st skill of an ally, a cooperative attack activates.

3. Use Skill Tiles and Potions Effectively

Fantasy War Tactics

• Skill tiles and potions can greatly change the course of a battle, and can also be used by monsters, so it’s best to make good use of them.

4. Use Mercenaries

Fantasy War Tactics

• A friend’s strong mercenary not only helps in clearing dungeons and achieving high dungeon scores, but also cancels stuns or debuffs your ally might be under.

5. Make Sure to Reach Grade SS in The Dungeon Grade

Fantasy War Tactics

• The dungeon score is directly related to the number of rewards you can get, so make sure you reach SS. If you reach SS once, you get SS each time you clear the dungeon, no matter what score you get. SS is essential to getting higher Regional bonuses in Expeditions.

6. Participate in Various Contests as Frequently as You Can

Fantasy War Tactics

• Some Heroes can only be earned through certain contests (Battle of Honor, Dimensional Breakthrough, Expedition, etc.) and cannot be earned directly, so make sure you use these regularly. The expedition rewards have the best outcome when used in short, frequent intervals, and the Lab produces more goods the more you use it. You can earn crystals according to your rank in the Battle of Honor, and can also earn Energy as a reward. You can earn plenty of gold by the 10 stages in Dimensional Breakthrough, which reset on a daily basis.

7. Enhance Your Hero

Fantasy War Tactics

• Enhance and refine your equipment, and make sure that you modify equipment and potential so that you can match your equipment and potential options to exactly fit your hero. Collect Hero Genes and level up skills to increase skill damage and skill activation rates. Buy costumes for your main hero to increase their stats!

8. Make Good Use of The Crystals Collected From The Daily Achievement Rewards, Monthly Packages and More

Fantasy War Tactics

• Collect the crystals provided daily and use them when you need them most, such as Golden Coocoos or expedition upgrades.

9. Nephthys Dungeon Tip #1 – Make Daily Visits

Fantasy War Tactics

• You can find materials needed for Hero upgrades at the Nephthys Dungeon. The Dungeon changes daily, so make sure you drop by at least once a day. EXP monsters, Rebirth monsters and refined stones, which can be used to enhance equipment, can be earned as rewards from the Nephthys Dungeon as well.

10. Nephthys Dungeon Tip #2 – Build Your Tactics Around The Boss Traits

Fantasy War Tactics

• The monsters and the Bosses of the Nephthys Dungeon have traits, and you will have to use these traits to get a higher clear grade. For example, in the case of the Scissors Coocoo dungeon, the monsters receive 300-percent more damage when under DOT.

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