‘Transformers: Earth Wars’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

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Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Transformers: Earth Wars.

1. Mix it Up

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• Use a variety of classes in battle. Make sure you have at least one Gunner, Air and Warrior in each battle. Fill your remaining Shuttle spaces with either a Healer or a Special, or take a couple of your favorite class (two Air units can be particularly effective).

2. Upgrade Your Abilities

Transformers Earth Wars

• Ensure you’ve upgraded your abilities ­ use the Research Lab to improve your bot’s abilities. This will increase their effectiveness in battle.

3. Pair Up Your Bots

Transformers Earth Wars

• Use bots with complimenting abilities for devastating effects. Using Bumblebee’s/Kickback’s Glass Gas rockets on defenses will increase the amount of damage they take. Follow this up with Jazz’s/Mixmaster’s Orbital Strike for a deadly combo.

4. Level Up Your Bots

Transformers Earth Wars

• When leveling up low level or newly obtained bots, take them into higher battle zones with a couple of your high level bots. This will result in more experience being earned than would be from victories in lower zones.

5. Upgrade Your Shuttle

• Upgrade your shuttle whenever possible. Upgrading your shuttle increases the amount of bots that you can take into battle. Having more bots will make those tough bases easier to deal with.

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