‘Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast Official Cinematic TrailerThe Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast Cinematic Trailer is here. A mysterious force is intent on destroying Eddie, shattering his soul into a million shards. He begins his journey blindsided and stripped of his power, yet still possessing just enough fury to fuel his fight. With each victory, he regains more power and strength,…2016-02-29T13:34:51.000Z

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast.

1. Pay Attention to Class Advantages

Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast

• Certain character classes have advantages over others. This is taught early on in the game but is sometimes easy to forget. Are you up against a powerful Magus and having trouble with your Warrior Eddie? Perhaps switch out to Wickerman Eddie (Magus class) in order to neutralize the problem. Remember that Gunner and Assassin classes are rarer classes that are strong against each other. You can always view the class advantages from the “i” button on the pre-battle screen.

2. Unlock Secret Locations

Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast

• In each Quest, there are 3 objectives to be completed. If you complete every objective in a world, then a secret location will become available. Secret locations offer valuable rewards for making your characters more powerful. Always try to activate the highest level secret locations that you can. That means on open up the as far into the campaign as possible and on the hardest difficulty levels. That way, you’ll always be getting the most gold and upgrade materials possible. In order to complete the campaign, you will need to constantly be going back and playing previous worlds on harder difficulty levels and replaying the secret locations when they become available to make your characters as powerful as possible.

3. Choose the Right Talismans for Your Character

Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast

• The variety of Talismans in the game can be overwhelming at first. The easiest way to make the best decision is to read the skills a character has and see which stat is the most important to them. For example, the Wickerdog of Night heals all characters based on it’s Magic stat, so give him two Holy Talismans to give him +15-percent Magic. Another great combo is putting Shock Talismans on a character that consumes them for extra damage such as Wickerman Eddie. Talismans can be swapped in and out of characters without cost, so feel free to experiment with the best combinations.

4. Lock Your Characters

Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast

• In the My Team screen, there is a lock button beside your character’s name. Pressing that button “locks” that character so it can’t accidentally be sold when cleaning up your inventory. Notice all the characters below have locks on their faces to show that they are safe.

5. Max Out Your Characters’ Skills

Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast

• Early on, you’ll be focused on powering up and evolving characters to get their level as high as possible. This, and doing the same for their Talismans, is the fastest way to make your characters as powerful as possible. But to truly unlock the potential of your characters, you’ll need to max out their skills. Tap on each skill to see which ones have untapped potential. Then you’ll need to be very careful in choosing which characters to skill up as you will always have more characters than Skill Shards.

6. Add as Many Troopers as You Can

Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast

• One of the buttons on the Cosmos takes you to the Troopers screen. Here you can connect with other people playing the game and use each other’s’ favorite character once per day. By having as many Troopers as possible, not only can they help you get further through the game but you will also get the most Trooper Badges possible to spend on limited-time Souls (Characters) and Skill Shards.

7. Select Your Champion

Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast

• You Champion the one character that your Troopers get to use to help them in their game. By default, everyone’s Champion is Holy Smokes Eddie. To have as many people use your Champion as possible, make sure to change it to something more unique. This can be done in the My Team screen by pressing the Crown button below the Lock Button.

8. Learn When to Swap Eddies and Temporal Shift

Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast

• As you get deeper in the game, eventually you will need to be swapping between your different Eddies and accessing their different abilities by Temporal Shifting. These are advanced tactics that are often necessary to beat The Underworld and will become invaluable in the Arena when we launch that feature. Swapping Eddies is often necessary to stay alive when your selected Eddie is low on health, but you might be able to buff your team with Soldier Eddie, swap and then unleash a devastating attack with Wickerman Eddie. Then temporal shift by swiping the screen to access his other powers such as Magma Shield or Beckon.

9. Turn on the Battle Notification

Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast

• Sometimes you want to collect resources in the game by having your established team repeat a certain quest over and over again. In times like these, the Battle Notification, which vibrates your phone at the end of the battle, can be handy to let you know when it’s time to collect your rewards and start the next fight. This option can be found in the Options tab in Settings (the cog wheel at the top left of the screen).

10. Experiment With Different Team Combinations

Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast

• The most powerful teams require complementary skills. There is a huge range of possible team combinations that can make you powerful in different ways. Desert Guardian has a Passive Skill that will take damage for any Allies who are low on health so he can be paired up with low health, high-damage attackers like the Dog of War. Wickerdog Queen has a Skill to increase the damage of Magic Attacks and Wickerman Eddie has a Magic attack that hits all enemies. Mix and match to find your own combinations. You will need them for the new game modes the dev team’s working on…

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