‘Destiny: Rise of Iron’ – How to Beat Vosik First Form and His Generators

Destiny Wrath of the Machine


Vosik’s first fight can be a bit confusing at first glance, but it’s actually quite simple and will just require a bit of teamwork and speed. When you load players will see a junkyard full of metal and shipping containers with towers of light on top of them. In this encounter, you will need to dedicate between 1 to 3 people as runners and the remaining as defenders. Our group ran one and five, but you can mix it up depending on your light level.

The runner will be going through those towers of light to “charge” himself up. With each successive one, you’ll go a bit faster, but they are on a timer so make sure to be fast. Once you hit max (no more than 4) your runner will be fully charged and he will need to deposit it into one of three power stations. There will be one in the middle, one on the left, and one on the right.

While the runner is doing this the defenders will need to kill Vandals, Shanks, and giant Shanks called “Voltage Eaters.” If the Voltage Eaters get to your power stations they will suck away what energy you’ve conserved, making the time go longer. It will require for deposits of max energy to fill up the generators, which will then produce SIVA bombs. Grab these and hurl them at Vosik to lower his shield so you can pour on the DPS for the boss.

This should take around 3 to 4 cycles depending on how much damage you guys can output before his shield replenishes. Do enough damage and you will be rewarded with entering the Wrath of the Machine raid. What, did you think getting in was going to be easy?

Special thanks to my raid team:

  • LordWeasel330
  • MadSquabblez
  • Ravel_the_2nd
  • SilverBluW0lf
  • SubArcticBoot
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