‘Destiny: Rise of Iron’ – Wrath of the Machine Hidden Chest Locations

Destiny Wrath of the Machine

Updated: 9/25/2016:

With the Wrath of the Machine raid released upon the world, people will be scouring every inch for hidden messages, clues, lore, and of course loot. Much like the other raids Bungie has hidden a few chests that contain Siva Key Fragments, Legendary Engrams, and Exotics. We can officially confirm these chests that we’ve discovered can drop high-level exotics that aren’t just from the Rise of Iron expansion. These should be critical stops for your team since you will want to level up as fast as possible.

Your first hidden chest will be right after you defeat Vosik outside of the raid starting point. Once you enter the long bottomless hallway full of hanging tanks and containers, you will need to climb upwards. Around the midway point, there will be a hole in the left-hand wall above you. Scale the tank parts, enter this hidden area and traverse the small platforming sections until you reach a place with a large cluster of SIVA. You should see the chest in the back left corner right after you have to jump across small rectangular containers.

The second chest can be found just after you complete the second encounter and actually kill Vosik in the television room. You’ll be tasked with traversing through the wall by jumping from platform to platform. There are two routes, an upper and lower, and this chest route is accessible via both. About midway you’ll come across some catwalks leading up and away from the wall. There will be a long hallway with a staircase at the end. Go up this, enter the larger room, and then jump up to the balcony. Once you’re up there you can walk on the pipes towards the chest on your left. This is also a Dormant SIVA cluster directly behind you when facing the chest at the end of the hall.

Don’t leave this second long hallway area just yet, as there is a third chest at the very end just before you go outside to fight the Siege Engine. Once you land on the last few metal grates, turn around and look up to see a long catwalk just above you. Climb up this area and then cross along the thin catwalk until you find another chest tucked away in the left corner just out of sight.

The fourth exotic chest is after you jump down from the massive death machine chasing you. From your landing point. you will see a large mountain directly in front of you with a big pipe jutting out. It’s time to put those climbing skills to the test as you will need to climb all the way to this massive pipe. Be careful going up as some of the ledges are incredibly narrow and easy to miss. Once you enter the pipe the chest will be directly in front of you.

Now these are just the secret my team and I discovered while running the Wrath of the Machine raid, so there could very well be more. Let us know in the comments if you found anything else, as working together is the best way to defeat this raid.

Special thanks to my raid team:

  • LordWeasel330
  • MadSquabblez
  • Ravel_the_2nd
  • SilverBluW0lf
  • SubArcticBoot
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