Team EnVyUs Claims the 2016 ‘Call of Duty’ World League Championship

CHAMPIONSHIP SUNDAY 2016 – Call of Duty World League Championship Presented by PlayStation 4It all comes down to this. 32 Teams. Only one Champion. Which team will be crowned the best at Black Ops III?2016-09-05T07:18:30.000Z

Team EnVyUs is on top of the world this week after claiming the eSports 2016 Call of Duty World League Championships against team Splyce. Held at the Call of Duty XP event in London this competition saw over 1,000 teams enter with the hopes of being in the top 32 to make it to this event. Sadly, a lot of dreams were crushed as EnVyUs and Splyce climbed the latter and made it to the final 2 spots. There was also a $2 million dollar prize pool, which is on record as the biggest in Call of Duty‘s competitive history. The winners won $800,000 with Splyce receiving $250,000 for their second place finish.

Sadly this game was not a long drawn out affair as EnVyUs nearly swept Splyce with a final score of 3-1. All of the matches were Capture the Flag, which played into EnVyUs’ great communication and speed. While Splyce put up an admirable fight, they just lost many of their one on one engagements due to the ferocity of EnVyUs’ players. Both JKap and Apathy gave great performances during the finals and easily dominated many of their fights with Splyce. Even though Splyce put up some great offense, they just lacked a good defense, allowing EnVyUs to constantly steal their flag.

Here are the players for each team:


  • John
  • Slasher
  • Apathy
  • JKap


  • Joee
  • Josh
  • Rated
  • Bance

The last match of this best of five saw EnVyUs charge through Splyce’s defensive line, scoring two quick flag captures and putting pressure on the opponents. Despite Splyce coming back with two more flag captures, EnVyUs was already up 4-2 with thirty seconds on the clock left. All Splyce needed to do was grab that flag sooner and they could have scored and forced the game into overtime. Sadly, this wasn’t the case as Bance just couldn’t get across the open rooftops in time and ended up gunned down JKap.

With this victory under EnVyUs’ belt, all eyes are turning to the Overwatch ELEAGUE/FACEIT competition ending this September. EnVyUs is considered one of the best teams playing Blizzard’s shooter, so it will be interesting to see if they can score another big FPS Championship. Congratulations to Team EnVyUs and let’s see if they can carry the momentum going forward.

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