WATCH: New ‘Dragon Quest Builders’ Trailer Details Everything You Need to Know

An informative new trailer dropped for Dragon Quest Builders this morning, and it looks absolutely amazing.

Dragon Quest Builders is an “epic open-world sandbox RPG”, similar to Minecraft but with a much stronger story/role-playing element and more things to do. It’s set in Alefgard, the world of the original Dragon Quest; the world has been plunged into darkness by the Dragon Lord and it’s up to you, the legendary Builder, to rebuild it from scratch and restore creativity so that humans can overthrow the Dragon Lord. You will accomplish this through exploring, questing and gathering materials, the basics of which are detailed in the trailer. The world is made up of multiple islands, each with its own unique environment, terrain, indigenous monsters, and raw materials.

As you establish a village, NPCs will begin to gather and ask for your help. This help will come in the form of quests, which can involve gathering materials, crafting items, building structures, or defeating monsters, and will reward you with new materials and recipes.

Simple buildings may be upgraded to facilities when certain conditions are met, and villagers will recognize and use these facilities for their intended purpose, such as cooking; they may even provide you with some extra food for your adventuring (it’s the least they could do, really). You progress through the main story by building, upgrading, and decorating your creations, which increases the base level.

The world is populated with a variety of unique monsters, and you will have an assortment of weapons at your disposal with which to dispatch them; they may even drop raw materials on defeat. The ones you find out in the world will mind their own business until confronted, but they may find out where your base is and attack it, requiring you to build defensive structures.

Dragon Quest Builders is set to release on October 11 for PS4 and Vita. Make sure you reserve your copy ahead of time to get the exclusive preorder bonuses, and stay tuned to for all your Dragon Quest and gaming news.