‘Destiny’ Wrath of the Machine – How to Best Vosik on Heroic

Destiny Rise of Iron

With the Wrath of the Machine already released, the newest challenge has finally hit Destiny players in the form of Heroic mode. Vosik is the name of the first boss and his fight has a few alterations that are quite noticeable to veteran raid runners. It’s important to know that all of the enemies in this fight will be at 390 Light, which means they can output some serious damage if you aren’t paying attention.

The fight will proceed through the normal stages, but this time 6 bombs will spawn instead of the usual 3, which means all 6 teammates will need to pick them up and throw them at the same time. You will need to make sure your shots land directly on him otherwise it may not cause enough damage to his shield for you to three cycle him. After each bomb phase one of the three big monitors over Vosik will turn on, which have far more health and will require more than one player to damage them.

Once Vosik shield is down, proceed with your normal damage phase until you need to proceed to the safe room. Once this happens only one will be active and you will actually need to slide under the blast door to enter. Activate the shield once everyone is inside and proceed the rounds as normal, making sure to focus on killing your Captains every time they appear.

Two of the new rewards for beating Vosik are the Zeal Vector sidearm and the Ex Machina sniper rifle, each with perks that complement and build off one each other. There will also be two chests that spawn, make sure to pick the one that is labeled “Heroic” on the right side and not the normal loot. Vosik is far more difficult than before, but with good communication and enough damage he should be easy to kill.

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