‘Fire Emblem Heroes’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

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Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Fire Emblem Heroes.

1. Pay Attention to Ally and Enemy Strengths/Weaknesses

Fire Emblem Heroes

• Here’s the complete breakdown of which character classes are strong and weak against each other: Red Weapons > Green Weapons, Green Weapons > Blue Weapons and Blue Weapons > Red Weapons. Oh and by the way, make sure you use your archers to attack flying foes. Flying enemies go down much faster when they’re pitted against archers. You should always keep an eye on each character’s weapon type affiliation when you move them in for an attack against your foes. Set up your party accordingly by looking at the character classes you’ll fight against when picking your next Story Map.


Fire Emblem Heroes

• So there’s five different stats applied to each of your allies. HP means Hit Points, which stands for their overall health. ATK stands for Attack Points, which determines the rate of damage they can dish out. SPD means Speed, which determines the potential for a character to attack twice (if your ally has five more points of SPD than the foe they’re targeting, they’ll automatically attack them twice). DEF means Defense, which determines a character’s ability to take physical damage. RES means Resistance, which stands for a character’s ability to defend against magical attacks. And finally, SP means Skill Points. This is a unique trait for each character and is what’s used to purchase new skills for them.

3. Set Out to Complete Monthly Quests

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• While you’re out saving the world from certain doom, keep track of of all the quests that change up on a monthly basis. Since the game launched in February 2017, a lengthy list of quests have already sprung up. To make sure you know exactly which ones they are and also what the rewards are, check out all the quest descriptions below:

– KO Three Foes With Infantry Allies to Gain One Light’s Blessing
– KO Five Foes With Red Allies to Gain One Stamina Potion
– KO Five Blue Foes to Gain One Serving of Dueling Swords
– KO Five Flying Enemies to Gain One Orb
– KO Five Level 10 or Higher Foes to Gain 500 Red Shards & Crystals
– Clear Chapter One: Part Five With a Bow User Ally to Gain 500 Blue Shards & Crystals
– Beat The 2nd Stratum of the Training Tower to Gain 500 Green Shards & Crystals
– Win Five Arena Duels at Any Difficulty to Gain 500 Grey Shards & Crystals

4. And You Should Also Knock Out Those Missions That Gift You With Shards & Crystals

Fire Emblem Heroes

• Leveling up your characters is a must, so make sure you gather enough Shards & Crystals to do so. There’s also a big list of missions that, upon completion, will gift you with 500 Shards & Crystals. Here’s the full lineup of quests you need to complete in order to gather these goodies:

– Clear Prologue: Part 3 to Gain 500 Shards & Crystals
– Clear Chapter One: Part Five to Gain 500 Shards & Crystals
– Clear Chapter Two: Part Five to Gain 500 Shards & Crystals
– Clear Chapter Three: Part Five to Gain 500 Shards & Crystals
– Clear Chapter Four: Part Five to Gain 500 Shards & Crystals
– Clear Chapter Five: Part Five to Gain 500 Shards & Crystals
– Clear Chapter Six: Part Five to Gain 500 Shards & Crystals
– Clear Chapter Seven: Part Five to Gain 500 Shards & Crystals
– Clear Chapter Eight: Part Five to Gain 500 Shards & Crystals
– Clear Chapter Nine: Part Five to Gain 500 Shards & Crystals

5. Use Your Orbs to Increase Your EXP Boost Rate

• While you should definitely attain a new hero or two with your 1st set of gathered orbs, use the rest of them to upgrade your Castle. If you have the Orbs to do so, you should immediately improve your Castle three times. That means it will go from a Torchlit Castle to a Columned Castle to a Carpeted Castle. Doing this raises your Boost EXP rate to 20-percent to 40-percent to 60-percent. Having this boost so early on in the game will pay huge dividends when it comes to leveling up your party for tougher story quests. You should always save some Orbs for your Castle upgrading activities after doing this.

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