‘Madden 18’: EA Play, Story Mode, Longshot Trailer & Release Date

Information for Madden 18 has slowly been trickling out, but EA Sports has been hyping up EA Play for their big Madden 18 reveal. Keep it here for live updates on EA Play’s Madden 18 session.

The early reveal shows a career mode featuring NCAA teams like Texas and Oregon. The is big news for fans of the old NCAA football series. The EA Play conference started out with a player starting his career at Texas then getting drafted. It featured a player getting drafted and also cut to scenes of what looked to be high school football.

Here’s a look at the new mode which is being called Longshot:

Madden 18 will be released on August 25. One of the most anticipated new features for Madden 18 is the new Story Mode. Other sports games have had massive success in offering this sort of career mode.

Although a competitor to EA Sports, the NBA 2K series has been the leader in the industry thanks to their My Player mode. Users can scan their face and play the game as themselves. The mode starts out with the player choosing which college they will attend. In the early Madden 18 trailer, fans saw EA could be adding a similar feature given it showed a player outside Lucas Oil Stadium, the site of the NFL Combine.

EA revealed some of the new improved visuals of the game thanks to the Frostbite engine. Players and even the uniforms look more detailed as this clip shows:

How far back the mode goes could be a bit complicated given EA’s tenuous relationship with the NCAA. EA has had success with similar modes in FIFA, and will likely use that experience in the Madden design.

Madden will also have a bit of a new look thanks to its new Frostbite engine. This is expected to be most noticeable in the graphics inside the stadium, particularly a more details crowd and sidelines.

Keep it here for the latest Madden reveals and updates at EA Play.

Here’s a look at the first trailer released in May:

This video made the rounds that featured potential Combine scenes. This has not been confirmed by EA Sports but would be interesting if they reveal something like this at EA Play:

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