WATCH: Spider-Man, Frank West, Haggar, Nemesis & MODOK’s Lair Revealed for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

Update: the fourth gameplay trailer is officially out! Plus a set of matches featuring the latest character additions also got released. Watch all those pieces of gameplay footage right here:

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is getting ever so closer to its release date (Sept. 19).

Which is why the representatives for the game have been appearing at certain events to drop even more reveals. During last weekend’s Evo tournament finals, everyone got to see the first ever gameplay footage of two new roster members – Marvel’s Gamora and Capcom’s Jedah. Earlier this week, it was announced that at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, another big reveal for the game was going to drop during a fan panel. Now we all know what was shown off during that fan gathering – four returning roster members and a whole new stage dedicated to MODOK. So based on those character inclusions, it’s safe to assume that the leaked character list for MVCI somewhat legit. The word somewhat has to be included here since Haggar wasn’t on that leaked list.

A bunch of images taken from the trailer have surfaced online via EventHubs, which can be seen below:

MVCI Spider Man

MVCI Nemesis

MVCI Haggar

MVCI Modok Stage

MVCI Spider Man

So here’s a few observations that the crowd in attendance spotted in the trailer (Maximilian tweeted out more details about the Mind Stone, too):

– Spider-Man seemingly has a new kick special and a level three super move
– Nemesis still has access to his former repertoire, including his bazooka hyper combo
– Frank West’s picture taking, level-up mechanics return. It looks like he actually sets up his camera differently this time around
– Haggar’s moveset remains the same, which means plenty of grabs and crowbar strikes will be in effect
– the latest Infinity Stone, the Mind Stone, was unveiled. Its abilities seem to involve stunning the opponent for massive combo opportunities. It’s ultimate move immediately maxes out the super meter at four bars

MVCI Mind Stone

By the way, the new trailer with each of these new roster participants will hit the web tomorrow (July 21). And of course, that latest piece of gameplay footage will be right here for you all to see. For now, just enjoy the fan cam video posted above. Here’s hoping that the next Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite trailer also lets Gamora and Jedah pull off some sweet combos, too. Will Ant-Man and that Monster Hunter character pop up soon? Hopefully…