Destiny 2 Faction Rallies: How to Farm Faction Tokens

Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s first event, Faction Rallies, is officially underway and already it’s starting to get chaotic. For a limited time, players may pledge their allegiance to one of three different factions that have returned from the first game. These are Dead Orbit, New Monarchy, and Future War Cult, all of which offer unique loot, shaders, and armor that players can obtain. To do this, users must obtain Faction Tokens which can be obtained by completing virtually any type of activity like the raid, Public Events, or Strikes.

Yet, one of the most intriguing comes in the form of Lost Sectors, which now feature supply drops in certain areas. When destroyed, these crates will give players a single Faction Token, but most Lost Sectors typically contain at least three. This is probably the best way to grind out Faction Tokens because these crates will actually reset when you leave the Lost Sector. Players are actually able to run into a Lost Sector, blow up all the crates, run out to reset the encounter, and then repeat.

While we are not sure if this works with every Lost Sector, Reddit user Random_Imgur_User found perhaps one of the fastest ways to obtain Faction Tokens., which you can see displayed in the user’s video above. To farm these tokens, head to the Trostland in EDZ and then go to the Lost Sector inside of the church. From here, follow the tunnel and then enter the “Atrium” area to destroy the three crates randomly placed in either the main room or hallway. As soon as they are destroyed, turn around and run back to where you began until the word “Trostland” appears.

This means that the encounter has reset, allowing you to run back down and begin the encounter all over again. While the crates will be placed in random locations, they should be marked on your HUD and thus easily found. If you really want to grind out Faction Tokens in Destiny 2 this is the best way right now, however, we fully expect Bungie to patch this since it’s a bit game breaking.

If you don’t want to simply run through the same three rooms over and over again, Heroic Public Events are the second best way to grind for these tokens. Completing one will net you 8 tokens (4 if the Heroic modifier isn’t triggered), so it’s possible to earn reputation quickly. Since the Flashpoint this week is Io, consider farming there so you can complete a Powerful Engram quest while you farm.

Remember, this is not the only way to earn Faction Tokens, so don’t feel obligated to grind them out if you don’t want to. Completing almost any activity will net you tokens, so there is no pressure to run the same events again and again.

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