Destiny 2 Leviathan: Where is the Raid Vendor? (Benedict 99-40)

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Destiny 2’s raid has officially released and it’s shaping up to be one of the most difficult in the series. Comprised of multiple challenges, users must navigate the various sections of Emperor Calus’s giant ship known as the Leviathan. This is no easy task since each room revolves around have all 6 of your teammates work in near perfect harmony. There are a lot of tight deadlines to contend with too, however, if you do succeed you’ll be showered with loot.

While fireteams can still earn their traditional loot via chests or engram drops during the raid itself, developer Bungie has added a new feature. Following the same idea as the other vendors in The Tower, users will earn special consumables called “Emperor Calus Tokens.” These can be used after the raid to increase your reputation with the Emperor and unlock additional raid loot.

You should obtain a fair amount during the Leviathan raid and you can always get some extras by finding hidden chests located in the underbelly of the giant ship. To actually spend your tokens, you’ll need to finish the raid itself and then head back to The Tower. A new vendor will be unlocked for you to use, so from the spawn head past Banshee to the right. Make your way down to Ikora Rey and then hang a right into the tunnels. Go down the staircase and at the very bottom in a small alcove will be the raid vendor Benedict 99-40.

The actual vendor himself may come as a surprise to many since it’s the infamous sweeper bot that the community adores. We knew we couldn’t trust that robot! Though it does explain why he wasn’t destroyed in the opening attack despite being in the middle of it.

To actually spend your tokens, just talk to Benedict and turn them in for reputation. Once the bar is filled you will be awarded a piece of raid loot to decrypt. Make sure to always visit this vendor, as it acts as a nice way to supplement your drops of Destiny 2’s RNGesus isn’t on your side.

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