Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid: Where to Find the Ventilator Chest

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There are a lot of different secrets and hidden puzzles in Destiny 2, but one of them involves a set of keys that you’ll obtain during the Leviathan raid. Earned in one of the chests given out at the end of the various activities, players will need to navigate the underbelly of the Leviathan via a series of twisting halls and locked doors. It’s very easy to get lost in this behemoth, but thankfully we managed to find where some of the chests are hidden. Keep in mind this ship is massive and my team of three spent a couple of hours just trying to see everything. If you want this chest it will take a bit of time, so we recommend doing it after the raid is done.

When you start, make your way underneath the long walkway lined with troops and into the hidden machine room. You’ll need to activate a series of levers quickly and the combination from left to right is 1, 5, 3, 2, 4, 6. You should hear a door open above you after all of these levers have been pulled in the correct order. Now, make your way to the thrusters that launch you up and go up to the top. Slowly work your way down to an area in the middle where there are two big pipes that lead into darkness.

Walk along the pipes and then continue to jump from platform to platform until you reach a fan that can be activated. Turn it on to launch yourself upwards to the next section which is a large series of hallways. Follow the biggest until you reach a brick wall (which is actually a hidden exit if you shoot it) and go right. Follow the path until you end up in an area marked “Transfer” in the corner of your screen.

Make your way to a locked door and hold down the interact button to slowly have this room unlock. Inside are four drones called “Watchers” that will call reinforcements if you are spotted. Either sneak by them or become altered and kill everyone. Jump up to the raised floor and hang a right down the hall until you pass by some computers and reach a room filled with ash.  Jump down and enter the next room that has several prominent gold chains pointed towards the ceiling at an angle.

Continue through this room until you reach another door that will open up into a massive room with some giant fans spinning. Now quickly move forward when the fan stops, using the cover to rest your back against so you aren’t blown against the wall and killed. You can deactivate each fan for a short amount of time by interacting with the consoles in front of the spinning blades.

Pass by the first one and you should see a platform to your top right which you can jump on. Hop on up there and open up the chest to claim your prize. While we don’t know all the rewards, out fireteam only got Legendary engrams and Emperor Calus Tokens. Maybe it’s not worth all the time and effort unless you really needed these Destiny 2 tokens.

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We opened the auxiliary chest (I believe thats the name) and one team member recieved 2 legendaries, 2 coins, and an exotic engram.

We reached the underbelly after finding a hidden door leading to the halls you mentioned, located to the far left of the spawn area. It takes some jumping and platform climbing.

You can also skip the first combat scenario this way as well and end up in the pleasure gardens(possibly jump even further?)

I had to hop off soon after that sadly to get ready for work.

Collin MacGregor

Yeah, there are a lot of hidden ways (we found one that leads right to the boss’ front door!) in the Leviathan. It’s really cool, but man I wish I had a map. My group got so lost just running around exploring the ship. I have no doubt there is more down there or some super secret puzzle I passed by like a dozen times.

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