NBA 2K18 MyCareer: DJ Replaces Pres in My2K18

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One of the things a lot of 2K players look forward to each year is the unveiling of a new storyline for the MyCareer mode. For NBA 2K18, there is a noticeable shift in this year’s story compared to NBA 2K17. This year, you will start on the streets rather than last year’s more traditional story.

Last year, users played as “Pres” and started by picking the college you wanted to attend. From there, you played a few college basketball games on your way to making it to the NBA draft.

This year is much different. You play as DJ, who as his name suggests, gave up basketball for a few years in an attempt to make it as a professional DJ. With his music life behind him, DJ is hoping to resurrect his basketball career. Just like in past years, you can scan your face into the game using the NBA 2K18 app. After uploading your photo using the app, DJ’s likeness will now resemble you. It is worth noting it was still a bit weird as DJ has a unique voice much different than my own.

The basic premise of MyCareer remains the same. Your goal is to get DJ into the NBA, and make him the best player possible (i.e. improve your rating). You will start playing in a competition sponsored by Jordan Brand.

If you get noticed there, you could end up getting an NBA tryout. Before you play in any pickup games, you will go to the basketball gun machine to pick your jumpshot. You can pick from legends like Jerry West or stay in the present day with Steph Curry’s silky smooth shot. Two of my personal favorites are Larry Bird and Ray Allen.

After you pick your shot, you will wait your turn in the pickup game. This is where your journey begins as you attempt to get DJ into the league.

How do you think this year’s MyCareer mode compares to NBA 2K17? Tell us your thoughts on NBA 2K18 in the comments section.