Rainbow Six Siege Operation Blood Orchid: Release Date, New Operators & More

Rainbow Six Siege


Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege may nearly two years old at this point but that hasn’t stopped the updates from rolling out. Most games would be pushing daisies by now and moving onto the next project, but not this one. The newest update, Operation Blood Orchid, is part of the Year 2 Season 3 add-on content and it’s coming with a bevy of new content.

The update is bringing three new operators complete with weapon skins along with a new map. The map is called Theme Park and it will be set in an abandoned theme park that promises fast-paced action. Here’s the description given by Ubisoft.

In Operation Blood Orchid, players will have to raid an abandoned theme park, identified by the Special Duties Unit (SDU) – also known as the Flying Tigers – as a criminal organisation’s nest for narcotic manufacturing. After establishing a connection with the Hong Kong Triad, two Flying Tigers are chosen to lead a lethal raid in the Theme Park, a colourful and eclectic map filled with dynamic and fast-paced face-offs.

In addition to the map, we have two new SDU operators and one new Polish GROM operator.  Ying and Lesion will be joining the SDU while Ela Boasak will be the Polish GROM operator. Here’s the description given by Ubisoft for each operator.

Ying: Siu Mei Lin is recognised as an all-purpose operator. After a few operations, she decided to join Team Rainbow, representing Hong Kong’s Flying Tigers Unit. Equipped with the T-95 LSW and the SIX12 shotgun as primary weapons, she knows how to intervene in densely populated areas with her non-lethal unique gadget. Her Candela device is a new breed of flash grenade: when deployed, it releases a cluster of flash charges that can be anchored on surfaces, or it can be thrown out as a grenade or rolled along the floor.

Lesion: Liu Tze Long is known to take his work seriously and to thrive in high-risk situations. Demonstrating a natural calm while handling highly corrosive substances, he’s also an expert in mine-clearing. Equipped with the SIX12 SD silenced shotgun and the T-5 SMG, Lesion can handle any situation with his Gu mines. When an attacker triggers these mines, they are injected with a toxin that deals an initial burst of damage, and then slower damage over time, limiting their speed until the affected player removes the poison dart. Starting with two Gu mines, his inventory will increase by one Gu mine every 35 seconds until it reaches a maximum of seven mines.

Ela: Ela Bosak is the latest and one of the youngest recruits to Team Rainbow. This thirty-year-old operator is a member of Poland’s Military Unit, GROM, and is equipped with the Scorpion EVO 3 A1 SMG and the F0-12 shotgun as primary weapons. Ela also is equipped with the RG15 pistol with a red dot sight, the first pistol in the game with a sight. She is known for her determination and prowess in the field. Her sticky Grzmot mines are proximity concussion mines that affect anyone within radius with reduced movement speed, aiming and vision. Ela’s signature move when in a downed state is the ability to trigger one last concussion mine.

Operation Blood Orchid is the largest update to ever hit Rainbow Six Siege. That is quite impressive considering it has come almost two years after its initial release. Coming with the patch is also a long list of fixes and improvements. Some of these fixes include an updated lighting system, data clean-ups on operators, optimized, stability, reduced load times and a smaller memory footprint.

This update will be ready for Season Pass holders starting tomorrow, September 5. All other players will have access to the content on September 12. Instead of being given the operators, non-Season Pass holders will have to unlock them through Renown or R6 credits.

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