Assassin’s Creed Origins: How to Kill Gennadios

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Screenshot by Jack Fennimore Assassin's Creed® Origins (Taken via Photo Mode)

After heading to Alexandria and talking to your wife, Aya, you are tasked with killing both the Snake and a man named Gennadios.

Gennadios’ keep towards the north of Alexandria is swarming with powerful guards. However, you don’t have to fight Gennadios in the keep. That’s because he and his band of two to three bodyguards like to walk outside of the keep’s walls and to the harbor below. This makes him much easier to take down.

However, there are still guards at the harbor that you need to take care of. But all you have to do is sneak up to one undetected and apply the Berserk poison to him. Then just watch as his rampage leads to the death of three of the four guards and then kill off the remaining one.

Once the guards at the harbor are dead, you can just wait for Gennadios and his band of men to head down to the harbor. Then wait from a high ledge and then drop down to assassinate him and then battle his pals.

You could do all that, or you could use Gennadios’ keep against him.

The walls of the keep are lined with turrets, which the guards will attack you with if you’re detected. You can use the turrets yourself to kill enemies.

Use the stairs towards the right of the keep’s entrance, keeping care to take out any guards you come across. Since the alarm is above the entrance, you can take the time to booby trap it in case you get caught. Once you’ve cleared out the front wall, just wait for Gennadios and his men to either climb up onto the wall or go outside the walls. Then just snipe them from afar while their backs are turned. A well-placed headshot should be enough to put down Gennadios and his men, but a few body shots work fine as well. Also try poisoning the dead bodies around the top of the wall so Gennadios and his men get poisoned.

Once you’ve done all that, just confirm the kill to complete the mission. Next up is the Snake. Learn how to kill him here.

Be careful as killing Gennadios causes formidable bounty hunters to spawn. Thankfully you can look up their locations on the world map.

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