Clash Royale Balance Changes Outlined; Coming 10/9

Clash Royale New Update Card Changes


The official Clash Royale Twitter account announced upcoming balance changes and bug fixes dated for October 10th.

They stated after listening to feedback and taking a gander at the stats for the limitless Clash Royale games played, these were the updates they deemed most urgent.

Updates include changing Sparky’s Hit Speed from 5 seconds to 4 seconds (while doing 15 percent less damage), increasing the Tesla Damage 30 percent and increasing its hit speed to a full second, and several more.

Redditor Jagermeister4 responded to the changes:

Spear goblins got a needed buff with the hit speed increase. This buffs goblin gang at the same time which I think most people would agree is not needed. But they sort of buffed tesla (so it one hit kills goblins now), which is indirect nerf on goblin gang. And they also buffed valk which is a natural goblin gang counter. Buffing two underused cards to indirectly nerf a heavily used card.

Bug fixes were also outlined for 4 items; The Bandit, Cannon Cart, Inferno Dragon (and Tower), and made sure your troops’ pathfinding makes more sense.
The information previously ‘leaked’ via the community on reddit.

You can read the full list of fixes and changes here.

For the uninformed, Clash Royale is an insanely popular CCG/RTS/Tower Defense hybrid with over 50 million downloads and millions of players.

The October update to the game (which may release in conjunction with these fixes and card changes) will bring a brand new ‘touchdown’ mode to the game, and 2v2 mode as well.

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