Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo Functionality

mario odyssey amiibo

Another Nintendo console, another Mario game – you know how this story goes. Super Mario Odyssey has been receiving glowing reviews from many major gaming outlets and it already seems like it’s a must have title for Nintendo Switch owners. Whether you’re a fan of Nintendo’s plumber but not a plumber anymore mascot, you’ll certainly find something appealing to you about this game.

As with most Nintendo games released from the Wii U on, we have some special things to unlock via amiibo. On Nintendo’s website you’ll find that tapping compatible amiibo will give you access to tips, option gameplay assists and some addition outfits for Mario. Three new wedding-themed amiibo are releasing with this title that will be available both individually and in a package. It’s possible we’ll see more released in the future as we did with Breath of the Wild but this is what we have for right now.

First things first, you might want to know where to scan your amiibo at. To begin the scanning process, you need to talk to Uncle Amiibo, a roomba looking thing that will usually be around your ship after you beat a kingdom. Just talk to him to get the process started.

Pretty much every Mario amiibo will give you a themed costume, like tapping a Wario amiibo will get the the purple and yellow overalls and so on. Strangely, even Diddy Kong has functionality as you can tap him and become half Kong. It’s weird to not see Daisy or Donkey Kong included with the bunch but it is what it is.

Tapping any Mario amiibo will give you temporary invincibility, Peach will give you a life-up heart and Bowser will reveal regional coin locations.

It’s worth noting that all of the costumes will be available in the game without the use of amiibo so don’t fret if you see one you are in love with. It’s not worth dropping $50 on a rare amiibo for a costume. Here are the amiibo that will give you a new costume:

  • Mario (Wedding Outfit)
  • Peach (Wedding Outfit)
  • Bowser (Wedding Outfit)
  • Luigi
  • Wario
  • Waluigi
  • Diddy Kong
  • 30th Anniversary Mario
  • Metal Mario
  • Dr. Mario
  • Mario – Gold Edition

The website states every previously released amiibo figures and cards are functional with this game so it’s possible those ones would just give you tips and assists. If you are an amiibo collector, it would seem like you have a lot of scanning and tapping in your future. We would certainly like to see Mario in a Cloud Strife outfit though.

Super Mario Odyssey releases exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on October 27.

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