South Park The Fractured But Whole: How to Beat The Strippers

South Park The Fractured But Whole

Collin MacGregor

There are a lot of different enemies you will face in South Park: The Fractured But Whole, but one of the most challenging fights early on will be the stripper boss gauntlet. Unlike traditional battles, there will be a few gimmicks that you’ll need to watch out for if you want to survive. Instead of simply eliminating every enemy on the screen you will actually not only need to chase a specific target but avoid a special foe that can instantly kill anyone in your party.

In order to complete this fight, all you need to do is reach Classi, so just ignore the strippers unless you absolutely need to engage. They will continuously spawn so don’t try to clean them all up since they will just whittle your health and resources down. When the fight begins use Captain Diabetes’ charge to break through the enemy lines. He will be the one you want to keep alive during this fight since he has the most mobility. This means the New Kid should be used for general clean up and just to try and defend him as much as possible.

Collin MacGregor

The strippers don’t do a ton of damage, but most of them cause pretty hefty knockback effects which can draw a fight out. When using Captain Diabetes’ charge try to make sure he is landing behind the target. This is indicated by a blue square on the combat grid, so make sure you are always moving more than one square. Keep in mind this attack can also break almost any object on the battlefield.

After you reach the halfway point a large stripper called “Bootay” will enter the fray behind you. This obese foe will begin to slowly advance behind you during her turn in an attempt to perform an instant kill AoE (Area of Effect) attack. Bootay’s second ability is tied to a meter at the bottom of your screen that will continuously fill regardless of whose turn it is. Once full she will take complete control of the fight, attack, and move one space forward.

Collin MacGregor

Speed is now the name of the game, so have your two heroes push through the stripper’s defense as fast as possible. Do not slow down and focus on anyone since all they will try to do is knock the player back towards the AoE move. Remember, Bootay will interrupt anyone’s move so use this to your advantage and have the meter fill during the stripper’s turn. This will ensure they cannot knock you back and no harm is done to you.

You’ll have to fight through two lines of strippers in order to get to Classi, but this is fairly easy to do with Captain Diabetes. Don’t worry about keeping the New Kid alive, as you only need one person to reach Classi to complete the mission.  Just keep spamming Diabetes’ charge and you should be able to quickly escape from Bootay and move on to the next part of the mission.

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Bad game design

You might a as well have posted an article that says “use knockback and stuff, try using moves until you win”


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