How to Catch Ho-Oh in ‘Pokemon Go’: Best Throws & Techniques

pokemon go ho-oh

Niantic Ho-Oh is in Pokemon Go

Ho-Oh is one of the toughest Legendary Pokemon to defeats in raids, but how does it measure up once you’ve won a battle and are trying to catch it? This Legendary isn’t easy to catch, so you’ll want to do your research to ensure you have the best chance at success. What are the best throws and techniques to use to get Ho-Oh, in order to increase your chances at success? Here are some details that other trainers have noted so far.

The catch rates for Ho-Oh as currently reported, when using Excellent throws, are: No Berry [3.04 percent or 5.10 percent with Curve], Razz Berry [4.52 percent or 7.55 percent with Curve], and Golden Razz Berry [7.41 percent and 12.28 percent with Curve.] Of course, we can’t always get excellent throws, so compare these percentages with a normal throw that doesn’t even get you a “Nice!” message. For Normal throws, the catch rates are: No Berry [1.67 percent, Curve 2.83 percent], Razz Berry [2.50 percent and 4.21 percent Curve], and Golden Razz Berry [4.13 percent and 6.92 percent with Curve.]

Ho-Oh tends to be close to screen, is much bigger than Lugia, and it’s tougher to score an excellent throw. It can rise high on the screen and sit in that position for a while. Trainers have said that when waiting for a borderline great/excellent throw, it was still tough to get a throw bonus. And catching Ho-Oh when it’s high on the screen is much tougher than catching Articuno when it rose high. But all trainers agree that it’s even tougher to get excellent throws if you try to catch Ho-Oh when it’s low on the screen.

Pokemon Go trainers are sharing a few of the things they’ve done that were successful against Ho-Oh. None of these are guaranteed, but they might give you ideas about different types of techniques you can try on this Legendary. When Ho-Oh is flying high, try a spin and throw straight up just next to the center of the screen. Another trainer said they had better results when Ho-Oh was high and he would spin in the lower left corner, hitting the great ring on the right side. Trainers have also suggested that since Ho-Oh is so close, you might be better served waiting to throw until the very end of its animation. If you let the ball go too early, it will bounce off.

One trainer made a video showing how they caught Ho-Oh. The video shows the entire battle. The catch part starts at 3:50. This trainer says that Ho-Oh is so near, you need to use a throw similar to what you do when you’re catching a Pidgey.

What has your experience been catching Ho-Oh? Let us know in the comments below.

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