Monster Hunter World: Tips for Hunting Anjanath

Monster Hunter: World


Monster Hunter World, the next main installment in the long-running series, is out now and for the first time in a long time, it isn’t on Nintendo consoles.

As a result, Monster Hunter World will attract long-time fans of the series along with a brand new crowd who are likely experiencing the series for the first time.

Veterans of the series will recognize Anjanath and likely know exactly how to do it. For those who aren’t familiar, Anjanath is one of the first real tests you’ll face in Monster Hunter World as this fearsome monster is the T-Rex found on the cover of the game.

Throughout your time in Monster Hunter World, you may come across this beast before you are ready to face it but will eventually be given a quest to hunt it down. The fight actually isn’t as bad as you make it to be but we do have some helpful tips to help you get an edge on this beast.


Monster Hunter World, Anjanath

Like most monsters, Anjanath is weak in its head and in its tail. Breaking the head and severing the tail on monsters will yield more rewards so this are things you should always target if you get the chance. The most dangerous part of this beast will be its flame attacks so you’ll want to make sure you have enough stamina to dodge the attacks or just bring some fire resistant gear with you.

Anjanath doesn’t have a whole lot of variety with its attacks so after you see a couple, there’s not a whole lot left to expect. When you do inevitibly catch on fire, make sure you roll around to put the flames out and then find a safe place to use a healing potion.

Anjanath is weak to water so you can bring so water-based weapons if you want to deal out some additional damage. Flash pods also work well as they will paralyze the monster allowing you to get some quick damage in without having to worry about a retaliation.

If you’re feeling brave enough, it isn’t a horrible strategy to stand underneath the monster and swipe at its legs. A lot of its attacks involve it breathing fire or charging forward so staying underneath will actually help you avoid a lot of damage. The only thing you have to watch out for is when he whips his tail and kicks his leg back.

If you don’t have a high defense or high fire resistance, its fire breath can one-shot you and send you rolling back to camp in a hurry. If you start to see the fire forming in its throat, some good advice would be to keep your distance until it unleashes its attack or just stay away from the front of it.

It can take some time and practice but hopefully these tips and some growing pains can help you make short work of Anjanath, at least in the low ranks.

If you’re in it for the rewards, keep in mind that trapping and capturing the monster alive will usually net you with some better rewards and it also makes the fights a little shorter.

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