Monster Hunter World: How to Make Traps & Catch Monsters

Monster Hunter: World


Although Monster Hunter is a long-running series,¬†Monster Hunter: World is likely many players’ first time experiencing the game since it has gone mainstream by appearing on home consoles and soon on PC.

The basis of this game is the same as its title, hunting monsters but keep in mind that you don’t have to kill every monster you come across. Instead of killing the big targets and carving them up, you can instead decide to capture them which will shorten the fights and give you different rewards. You don’t just throw a net on these monsters but instead you have to craft traps and tranq bombs to catch them.

First things first you’ll need the supplies for these traps. Our two choices of traps are pitfall traps and shock traps. Both of these traps require us to have trap tools which can be bought at the Provisions Stockpile. Once you have a good supplies of these, you’ll be able to move onto the next step.

For the shock trap, you need to collect thunderbugs which you’ll find an abundance of out in the wild. For pitfall traps, you need the net. You don’t just find the nets in the wild but instead will have to craft them from ivy and spider webs which can be a little bit trickier to find. If you’re going for straight captures, we recommend crafting shock traps as they’ll be easier and will still get the job done.

The traps are quite easy to use once you get them crafted. They will appear in your inventory and all you do is rotate over to them in order to use them. It is important to use them at the right time and not too early.

You won’t be able to just use the trap on the monster at the beginning of the fight but instead you’ll have to weaken it first. Just go through the fight like normal and eventually the monster will start limping and you’ll see the skull appear on your mini-map indicating that the monster is very close to death.

Once you do this, get in front of the monster if it is running away and drop the trap. The monster will become stunning which will now require you to use tranq bombs or ammo to deliver the finishing blows. Just drop the bombs and aim for the head and you should bring the monster down with no problem.

If done correctly, the monster will be captured alive and you’ll get some additional rewards for doing it this way. If you want to see your capture again, head back to Astera and you’ll see in on display by the botanists. If you capture another monster, the old one is replaced with the new one so you can’t just have as many as you’d like unfortunately.

For more Monster Hunter: World guides, features and news stay with us here at Heavy. Monster Hunter: World is out now on Xbox One and PS4 with a PC release date coming later this year.