Dice Brawl: Captain’s League: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Dice Brawl: Captain’s League.

1. The Basics Behind Brawling

Dice Brawl Captain's League


Dice Brawl: Captain’s League’s premise is pretty easy to follow – you’re assigned a deck of cards. That deck is comprised of one captain, one ship, and five crew members. Either of those cards’ special abilities can be activated once per round. Your hit points total is equal to the amount of health your captain and crews cards affords you. Moving around the play space is done by rolling a pair of dice. You can decide how high or low you’d like to roll by stopping the meter in either the high or low region. Getting two turns at once can be done by rolling the same skulls or number in a single roll.

Dice Brawl Captain's League

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• Landing on an empty space means you have the choice to build an attack or healing fortress by paying with coins. You can also pass up your turn and do nothing. If you end up on a space occupied by any of your fortresses, you can pay to make one of them stronger through a paid upgrade. Landing on the same space as your foe gives you the chance to land a direct attack. It’s best to wait a few seconds during this instance so you can see what number your rival captain rolls. That way, you’ll figure out how high or low you need to roll in order to win that encounter.

• Hitting the even mark during a roll usually places you in a winning position during captain clashes or when you or your foe land on an attack fortress space. The object of the game is to nab victory by defeating your rival captain before or by the end of round eight. You can also win if you have more fortresses on the play field when both captains are alive by the the end of round eight.

2. Roll with the Best of ‘Em

• When starting out, you’ll only have access to the Basic Dice. If you have 524 Gems, you’ll be able to purchase a pair of new dice. These pairs of dice go by the following monikers – Glorious Fame, Noble Riches, Boss Hunter, Combo Adept, K.O. Champion, and Controller (Black). Each of these dice pairs comes with a fixed effect and a random effect that’s activated upon purchase.

• The Glorious Fame dice are catered towards players who want to level up their fame much quicker and upgrade their Battleboard ranking. The Noble Riches dice are meant for players who want to win more coins after a battle is won. The Boss Hunter dice grants players more Boss Medals after they defeat a stage’s boss. The Combo Adept dice are perfect for players who want to acquire more Combo Medals by pulling off combo maneuvers. The K.O. Champion dice gives players more KO Medals should they defeat their rival captain in head to head combat. And finally, the Controller (Black) dice gives players more control over what number they’d prefer to roll.

3. Choose Your Captain Wisely…

Dice Brawl Captain's League

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• There’s a total of seven captains to unlock, level up, and take into battle. Note that you can only employ one captain during each match, so you’d better find your favorite. Playing with each of them and getting familiar with their skills should make it easier for you to pick your preferred captain. You can put together three decks with three different captains if you choose to do so. Princess Hellcat is one of the better captains since she can directly attack your opponent after a few turns. Burning Fist is also a good pick since his Brawl Damage rate comes in at x2. Miss Tomahawk is another great pick since she’s capable of dealing three hit points worth of damage to any fortress she targets.

4. So Which Ship Should You Choose?

• Just like captain cards, each ship card comes with a different ability. These cards can also be upgraded over time. After a few turns, you’ll have the option of moving your ship to a specified place on the board. There’s five ships to choose from:

Karve: moves to an enemy fortress
Rudolph 2.0: moves to a friendly fortress
Lion Heart: moves to an empty tile
Flying Dutchman: moves to the enemy captain
Charles & David: moves somewhere in range

• Personally, my favorite ships are the Karve, Lion Heart, and Flying Dutchman. The Karve gives you a better chance at wiping away an enemy fortress if they have more fortresses than you. The Lion Heart presents you with an opportunity to build an extra fortress if you have less of them than your foe. And the Flying Dutchman is great for ending matches much quicker by directly defeating your opponent.

5. Keep the Right Crew Cards on Deck

Dice Brawl Captain's League

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• There’s a bunch of crew member cards you can amass and assign to any one of your three decks. Like the captain and ship cards, you can also upgrade them. Getting to new Battleboard rankings helps you unlock rarer crew cards. Crew cards offer varying abilities, such as direct brawl damage to a captain, fortress protection/power boosts, HP healing for a captain etc. All three of your decks should always contain a crew card that can dish out fortress damage, HP damage, or activate HP healing. The Butcher Billy crew card is one of the better cards in the game – it comes with a trap ability that damages an opponent should they land on it.

6. Winning Different Medals After a Match Grants You Access to Extra Chests

• Depending on your actions during a match, you’ll gain a few medals if you emerge victorious. Combo Medals are acquired by pulling off combos, K.O. Medals can be obtained by vanquishing a captain, and Boss Medals are given to you after defeating a stage’s boss. Taking on any of those bosses means you’ll have to land on their space, roll higher than them, and deplete their HP meter. It may be tough to pull that feat off, but the Boss Medal you get from defeating a boss is worth the trouble. Those medals are goes towards unlocking Wooden Chests, which contain different types of rewards. You need two Combo Medals and two K.O. Medals to open a particular chest, while you only need one Boss Medal to open its accompanying chest.

7. Join the PLUG Community to Nab Some Extra Gems

• On the lobby screen, there’s a special pelican icon on the bottom left. Click on that icon to open a special magazine that’s dedicated to releasing new info to the game’s community. Swipe through the home page and you’ll come upon some news about a special event. Click on it to find out how you can pick up 50 free gems. Trust me…copping a few more gems is an option worth taking. Gems are the main source of currency needed to purchase treasure chests, dice, and coins from the General Store.

8. Pay Attention to Your Daily and Stretch Goals

• Pay a visit to the lobby and click on the icon below the TV screen to check out the “Adventure” tab. This tab will give you a progress report on all the Daily and Stretch Goals you’re tasked with completing. Be sure to play the game for 19 days straight to get plenty of special rewards…well, “booty” in this instance.

9. Leveling Up Your Battleboard Ranking is a Must

• Winning battles helps you attain fame, which goes towards increasing its overall value. While assigned to a Battleboard, your fame value will unlock special items after that value hits a certain number. You’ll also make your way to higher Battleboard rankings as your Fame value hits or exceeds a specified value. Making your way to a new Battleboard means you’ll take on tougher captains, battle a new boss, increase the health of your upgraded fortresses, and have a chance at acquiring new rewards.

10. Watch Those Free Advertisements

• Be sure to watch any of the video ads the game presents to you. Watching the Golden television on the lobby screen gifts you with free gems, while viewing the Wooden Chest video on the right means you’ll get some assorted goodies. Note that the Golden TV ad becomes watchable again after 30-minutes has passed, while the Wooden Chest ad takes four hours to replay.

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