10 Run Sausage Run Tips You Need to Know

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Run Sausage Run is the Super Meat Boy of the mobile market. Though there is a knock-off version called Mad Dex developed by Game Guild, a studio from Russia. So you know, it’s totally legitimate. They don’t mention any inspiration from Super Meat Boy at all, but the resemblance is a carbon copy.

Run Sausage Run, however, is certainly inspired by Super Meat Boy, but it has far more mobile friendly levels and courses. The humor in Run Sausage Run is not for the faint of heart, as unlike Super Meat Boy, the game is not about the macabre, but about the visceral made hilarious.

Die in the best way possible and you actually unlock more achievements. Once unlocked, you’ll receive all kinds of wicked new skins for your sausage, like the Rubber Smoked Sausage (a fierce leather-man sausage) and or the Potus Sausage (a poorly disguised Trump sausage with a band-aid below the belt).

Needless to say, Run Sausage Run can get difficult fast if you want to hit a score higher than 20. As such, we have 10 Run Sausage Run tips you need to know:


1. Patience Is A Virtue

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This trick won’t always work, but it will get you a little further in Run Sausage Run. As tempting as it might be to press hold to run n’ gun it, some obstacles require caution. The tenderizer, for example, can be dashed through but your timing needs to be perfect.

If you can’t quite get it right (especially when some levels begin with the tenderizer right away) it might be best to stop and wait. Let the tenderizer crash down, and then run for it. The grill, dropping blade, and the spinning blade, all require caution. The double spinning blade especially, as you will need to move through one blade, stop, and then run through the second blade.

The blades that move from side to side and the dishes in the sink are the only obstacles you need to dash through to avoid sinking or being sliced in half.

2. Collect Those Power-Ups

Power-ups will help you reach the ultimate high score if you manage to collect them as often as possible. The power-ups available in Run Sausage Run include Shrink, Shield, Freeze, and Enlarge. Shrink does just that, shrinks your sausage height.

Shield is a hot dog bun that will protect you the next obstacle, but it can only be used once. Freeze will halt all the obstacles ahead. This doesn’t last long, only a few seconds, so run through as many as you can but watch for when it ends too. Enlarge increases the size of your sausage character.

All of these power-ups will help immensely, even if they don’t last very long. A few extra seconds is everything in Run Sausage Run.

3. Don’t Run, Walk!

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The number one don’t of Run Sausage Run is to hit the ground running from the start. As stated before, you need to express caution with 90% of the obstacles. This game is not necessarily about memorizing the levels like in Super Meat Boy, Run Sausage Run is about seeing the obstacle and knowing immediately what to do.

That is nothing to say of luck, however. My first round ended up being my highest score because I just ran through everything at top speed. I have not been able to repeat the incident since; caution got me a lot further than trying to blaze through.

4. Free Continues Are Life

It is important to use as many of the free continues as you can, so be prepared to watch plenty of ads. This way, you can keep adding up your score and hopefully beat your high score or get much closer to it. You have about three or four free continues and each ad is 30 seconds long, as is usual for most mobile apps.

If you are not used to ads in mobile games, I’m afraid that ads are a part of life in mobile games. There is no getting around ads unless you are willing to pay for it. Since so much of mobile content is free, especially games like Run Sausage Run, ads are often the only way the developers can get any revenue.

5. Removing Ads

If you cannot stand seeing one more Gardenscape or Final Fantasy ad, it might be time to shell out the money to remove the ads. This only costs about $4.00 USD and gives you 1,000 gold coins, and 3 Leader sausage skins, including the not-Trump sausage.

However, is it really worth it? Well, you will still be spending something to get those free continues, whether it’s watching an ad or spending gold coins. Eventually, you will run out and you will have to pay for more gold coins.

If you are willing to keep giving the game 2 or 3 dollars every time you run out, then by all means. How often this will happen depends on how often you play and even then, how much that money means to you depends on you. So yes, you’ll have a game without ads, but might not stop spending money once you start. Discretion is advised.

6. The Microtransactions of Run Sausage Run 101

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Speaking of money, what about those microstransactions? In Run Sausage Run, the micros transactions are only for gold coins, which only pay for more sausage skins. No permanent power-ups or extra gameplay advantages. There are absolutely no gameplay advantages offered in Run Sausage Run.

As such, it might be even less worth it to exchange real money for virtual gold coins. Almost all the skins can be won just by playing the game, even if you do not play the game well. Run Sausage Run is not always about winning, just take a look at the achievement board for proof.

7. Sausage Skins Do Not Affect Gameplay

As cool as it would be for the zombie sausage to be immune to certain types of death and simply continue until there were no more sausage bits left, that is not the case. Regardless of the sausage skin, there are no gameplay differences between them. Though you can bet fans have thought of plenty of ways each one could work.

For example, if the Hannibal Lector sausage skin had a gameplay mechanic, it would be that he would have to stop wherever a previous sausage died and eat it. The not-Trump sausage is open to far too many potential ideas so it might be best that the developers of Run Sausage Run decided against giving any differences between the sausage skins.

8. Decide Your Playstyle

Once you’ve played a few times, you might realize there is more than one way to play Run Sausage Run. You can either focus on getting the highest score possible, or you can unlock as many sausage skins as possible. The tricks to beat your high score is all about practice, as discussed below, and being very cautious. Do not press and hold to run for it.

Unlocking skins requires meeting all of the achievements, which you can see listed when you hit the crown icon on the bottom left. Some of these achievements are easy, like “come back tomorrow” or “play 3 days in a row.” Other achievements might get a bit tougher, like “die 9 times at the guillotine.” Or the extremely difficult ones like the current Easter Egg Challenge, which calls for the player to collect 100 of each color, blue, red, and gold.

Each focus requires a different method of play, as collecting or dying might be more important than not dying. Either way, follow the tricks listed here and you’ll be fine.

9. Practice Makes Perfect

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Even with all the tricks and tips listed here, the best way to get good at Run Sausage Run is to practice, practice, and practice some more. Hone those reflex skills until you can enter into some kind of pro-tap championship.

Joking aside, practicing will actually advance your response time until it can be applied in the real world. After all, it has been said that video games help with response time and hand-eye coordination.

So if you really want that high score, or to unlock the not-Trump sausage skin, practice every day as much as you can – either way you’ll earn plenty of rewards from the game.

10. Throw Caution To The Wind

A lot was said about being cautious and not pressing down the gas pedal with a lead foot, but there are instances in Run Sausage Run where running full tilt is a good thing.

Once you start really picking up speed, you’ll be able to wiggle your way to power-ups and extra coins. Sometimes, top speed will help you avoid obstacles too, but definitely not with the majority of them unless you have plenty of luck on your side.

Trying to stop will snap the sausage’s head forward, perfect for making doubly sure you get those power-ups – but at great risk too. Power-ups are usually in the middle of an obstacle, not at the beginning or end. As such, use this tip carefully and err on the side of caution.

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