Bloons Tower Defense 5: BTD5 Tips and Tricks

Bloons Tower Defense 5 title screen

Bloons Tower Defense 5 is available now at the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. The game is not free-to-play, though inexpensive at $2.99 USD. There are plenty of microtransactions too. You can buy skins for certain towers, experience points, Monkey Money (in-game currency that can be earned with every level you finish), Tokens (in-game currency that can be earned the same way Monkey Money can), Bananas (Monkey Money), and Bigger Beacons (tower upgrades).

As you might be able to tell by the title, BTD5 is a tower defense game where you place towers with different attacks onto a map and press place for the “enemy” to come through. In this case, they are bloons, not to be confused with balloons.

Bloons Tower Defense 5 can seem daunting at first. There are so many towers to choose from once you unlock the first few stages and it might be hard to find the right strategy for you. As such, if you’re looking to master this game, we’ve got a Heavy heaping of BTD5 tips and tricks that will help make you a pro.

Update: Check out our newly-posted BTD6 tips here.

BTD5 Tips And Tricks

Permanent Upgrades For Tokens

Monkey Lab is where you can spend hard-earned Tokens for permanent upgrades. These can include a permanent increase in attack speed for all towers, more starting cash for each new level, more lives to begin with, a higher sale price for any towers you sell off, and so much more. All of the upgrades at Monkey Lab help tremendously, regardless of what level you prefer to play at.

Game Over Trick

This trick will help you avoid those pesky microtransactions and keep you playing without too much of a hiccup. If you hit the game over screen, don’t tap restart or hit the red exit button. Instead, press the home button on your phone and do whatever you need to do to close the app like usual.

Then when you reopen the app, you will restart the last mission you had failed at. Keep in mind that this save is temporary and starting a new mission will delete the save. So what you’ll need to do is tap the golden monkey on the home screen, and then tap “resume game.” Thing is, you’ll be left with whatever lives you had before your downfall. But if you were very close to winning, this is the way to get the right tower on the map or upgrade a tower.

How To Get Passive Upgrades

The Monkey Village is a passive tower, it won’t attack bloons like you might hope. Instead, it provides bonuses to all the towers within its range. These bonuses include increased attack speed, range, camo detection, popping power, and whatever else within its range.

In addition, any towers you place close to the Monkey Village will cost significantly less. Keep in mind that stacking doesn’t work, clustering more Monkey Villages together will not inherently add those bonuses together.

How To Get More Money Per Round

Towers can get really expensive, and so can their upgrades. Luckily, there is an easy solution that will keep you even more active per round: the Banana Farm. Place a Banana Farm on your map and you’ll get more money per round.

Each bundle of bananas that you tap will give you an extra $40. Just be sure to tap on them before they disappear! If your other towers have got the bloons covered for a few more rounds, invest in upgrading the Banana Farm for even more money.

Are Special Agents Worth It?

Special Agents can be useful, but they cost Monkey Cash and only last one game. The first Special Agent you will get for free in a Daily Chest, mine was a Bloomberry Bush. This Special Agent will pop almost any bloon regardless of the color, but after a certain amount of bloons, it will stop working.

If you hang onto it for enough rounds, it will upgrade to pop more bloons, but frankly, Special Agents are costly helpers that don’t last as long as you might expect. So no, Special Agents are not worth it unless you are willing to spend the cash, both real and virtual.

BTD5 Daily Chest

Even if you don’t have time to play, be sure to log-in once a day to BTD5. You will get free Special Agents and Monkey Cash every five days. It does not pop up automatically when you open up the game, so be sure to swipe to the right and tap that Daily Chest. No internet connection is required, so you don’t have to wait around for an available wi-fi connection.

Bloons Tower Defense 5’s Best Tower

Super Monkeys are the most powerful tower in the game, going for $2,975 on easy mode and $3500 on Medium. A Super Monkey will handle almost every type of bloon, excluding lead and frozen bloons, and can be upgraded to have nearly infinite range.

Frozen bloons can be tackled with an upgrade too, Laser Vision. The best place to put a Super Monkey is within the range of a Monkey Village, if you have one on your map. Upgrades will cost less this way, and increase everything great about the Super Monkey to make it nearly unstoppable.

BTD5 Tower Upgrades

If you need the most comprehensive guide on BTD5 tower upgrades, check out this Bloons Wikia page. Click on the tower you need more information about and then pick the version of the game you have, hopefully, it is BTD5.

BTD5 is the first game to have two upgrade paths to choose from and the game certainly does not tell you in advance which is the better one. So take a look, see which one best suits your playstyle and go from there.

Personally, I prefer ranged attacks over slower but more powerful short-range attacks. For example, the Dart Monkey tower has the Spike-O-Pult upgrade that I found utterly useless. The attacks were far too slow and did not pop nearly enough bloons, even when placed where the tower had a straight shot at a row of bloons.

Bloons Tower Defense 5 Best Strategy

Delay Bloons

This time, you want to be the delay fish. It might be tempting to put your most powerful towers right where the bloons spawn, one the better strategies is to delay the bloons first. Place any towers that slow down bloons, like the Ice Tower, Glue Gunner, and Bloonchippers, right at the front lines, corners, and intersections. This way, you can place your more powerful tower combos behind them and they will not be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of bloons that come through.

BTD5 How To Deal With Camo Bloons

The little blurb that pops up the moment you unlock camo bloons is not exactly descriptive, so here is the full how-to on camo bloons. First, camp bloons are bloons that cannot be detected by most towers. Second, they can come out of any combo blow, like lead and ceramic ones.

Despite their apparent abundance, the trick is to know which towers can detect them and frankly, the Ninja Monkey is not the only tower that can detect camp bloons. BTD5 towers that can detect camo bloons are the Ninja Monkey, Dartling Gun, any Dart Monkey above level 1, any Sniper Monkey above level 1, a submerged Monkey Sub, and the Mortar Tower.

In addition, if you place a Monkey Village on your map and upgrade it to level 2, all the towers within range will acquire camp detection. Basically, you need a Monkey Village on your map no matter what.

BTD5 Tower Combos

There are plenty of BTD5 tower combos out there, but these are a few of the more popular and powerful ones. If you’d like to try them out, you can place Dartling Guns and Banana Farms together. The Dartling Gun tower will shoot in the direction you last tapped, which can be both advantageous and detrimental.

Another combination is Bloonchippers and Boomerang Throwers, both have a great range to get more than one bloon at a time. A favorite of mine is combining Glue Gunners and Bomb Towers. This allows the Glue Gunner to slow down the bloons, and the Bomb Tower to blast them away. It helps even more if the Glue Gunner is upgraded to Glue Splatter.

Try as many as you can and if any of them work very well, by all means, let us know in the comments below and we’ll update this page!

Bloons Tower Defense 5 Current Events

Events on going on this week for BTD5 can be found on the developer’s blog. Ninja Kiwi state that the Preferred Monkey event is still going on and will be refreshing every 6 hours instead of every 4hrs like last week. Bloonvasion is going on as well, Monkey Money and Apprentice skins are on sale, and lead bloons will be counted on the leaderboards.

Source: Ninja Kiwi

What is Sandbox Mode?

Sandbox Mode is unlocked once you read Rank 25 in Bloons Tower Defense 5. This mode is truly the most fun, where you start with infinite lives and cash and what type of bloons spawn.

All the prices for towers and upgrades are shown as they are in medium difficulty. Sandbox is the mode where you can practice without any consequences, but that also means you do not get any awards.

Bloons Tower Defense 5 Unblocked

If you’re at one of those awful places where you can’t pull out your phone to practice BTD5, have no fear! You can find Bloons Tower Defense 5 unblocked at the developer’s site. In other words, this is a Flash Player version of BTD5. If you want the hacked and unlocked version, check out the “Bloons Tower Defense 5 Hacked” header below.

Just remember to connect your account to Facebook, Google, or sign-up with Ninja Kiwi to continue playing the game from the Rank you achieved on your phone. If you’re looking for a little more variety, check out other games from Ninja Kiwi using the link above.

Bloons Tower Defense 5 Hacked

Alright, so there isn’t a version of Bloons Tower Defense 5 where absolutely everything is unlocked from the start, including towers, levels, and modes.

However, there are plenty out there with infinite money, including this one from Hacked Online Games that has the least amount of ads in the way.  You cannot log-in your original account so any progress you make with the money hack will not appear in your legitimate version.

Bloons Tower Defense 5 APK

As always, please be cautious when using APK version of any apps. That said, this version of BTD5 from Aptoide actually has user ratings and comments so you can make doubly sure that this isn’t the game that will break your phone.

Ninja Kiwi

If you’re looking for more great Ninja Kiwi games, check out their awesome website right here! They’ve got everything from more tower defense games to action-packed games like SAS 4: Zombie Assault.

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