Madden NFL 19 Reveal: What to Expect, When to Expect it, & Why

Madden NFL 19 Reveal

EA Sports

If there’s one thing for certain in life it’s that a new installment in the Madden franchise is coming every year and you should definitely be expecting Madden NFL 19 later this year.

A variety of changes usually come to each game to make each version feel slightly different from the last but Madden NFL 18 mixed things up a lot and added a whole new single-player experience into the game.

The new Longshot story mode gave new life and helped win back fans in previously may have lost. Let’s see if EA Sports can build off that strong foundation and make Madden NFL 19 the best entry in the series going forward.

Note: This article is speculative only. We are not claiming to have any official Madden NFL 19 reveal news, we are making educated estimations and speculating about the new Madden NFL game.

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Why We Should Expect a Madden NFL 19 Reveal

Madden 19 Reveal

It isn’t really a well kept secret that Madden is an annual release, so we can certainly expect another one later in the year. What would be a welcome surprise is if a version of it makes its way to the Nintendo Switch.

FIFA 18 received a Switch port that was built from the ground up for the console and while it lacked some of the features found on the other consoles, it was still a solid port and way to play FIFA on the go.

At the very least we will be able to expect a PS4 and Xbox One release. Madden usually has some sort of bundle with Xbox One so we might see something similar this year.

When You Should Expect It

Madden NFL 19 Reveal

We probably have to wait until May for an official Madden NFL 19 cover reveal while the actual release date for the game will likely come in late August. Madden usually releases a week or so before the official start of the NFL season.

There are a lot of possibilities as to who the cover star could be this year so we’re likely in for a treat once that announcement comes around. Tom Brady was on the cover last year so he’s probably ruled out for this year so let the speculation begin on who the cover star will be this year.

What We Should Expect

Madden NFL 19 Reveal

The Longshot story mode was a very welcome addition with last year’s Madden NFL 18, which came at the perfect time as the series was becoming stagnant. Longshot is best described as a Telltale-style story that put players in control of player who was working his way towards the NFL.

It would be surprising if we did not have a similar mode in the next installment since it was such a hit. We can also count of Madden Ultimate Team to make a triumphant return.

The Ultimate Team is sure to be the biggest attraction here as it has been in the past. EA Sports makes a killing on this mode as players are constantly putting hours and money into the mode to create the strongest team. There will likely be another special edition released with the game that will give players a head start.

Madden NFL 19 Cover Star

The cover star is always up for debate every year and this year appears to be no different. There are a variety of possible options including Antonio Brown, Todd Gurley, J.J. Watt, Matt Ryan and many, many more choices.

Although Tom Brady won the MVP award last year he’s probably ruled out since he was the cover star for last year’s game. If another Patriot is on the cover that would also make it three years in a row which would be a first.

A popular thing to discuss is the “Madden Curse” that plagues the cover star to bad seasons. This used to hold a lot more weight in the past but players have since been ignoring this so called curse and going on to have very strong seasons. For example, just look at Tom Brady from last year.

Terrell Owens has been announced as the Madden 19 Hall of Fame edition cover star.

Game Modes

Another strong addition to the game outside of the Longshot story mode was the addition of MUT Squads. MUT Squads allowed players to team up online with friends and other players to run their own offenses and defenses.

In MUT Squads each player controlled a different player which meant they were able to run their own routes and practically have free will on defense which made for some exciting games with friends.

Of course we can still expect modes like Play Now, Franchise and the traditional Ultimate Team. Whether we’ll see the addition of brand new modes in this installment remains to be seen.

There will likely be another mobile game tie-in to the series that will allow players to get a head start on the action before the official release of the console version.

Will There be a PC Port?

Madden hasn’t appeared on PC in over 10 years now, and it wasn’t even discussed with Madden NFL 18, so there’s not much reason expect it to appear now. The last installment to be on PC was Madden NFL 08 so it appears to be a sure thing that we won’t be getting a PC version this year.

However, FIFA tends to appear on PC often so why can’t we have a Madden PC?

In an interview with Game Informer from 2016, EA spoke on why we traditionally don’t see Madden on PC.

PC is literally based on demand. There’s still the high demand for FIFA on the PC globally because of the global appetite for the game. I think that’s less so with Madden, but I think if that changes and an opportunity presents itself, I think we would definitely leverage the opportunity.

This doesn’t mean you should lose all hope entirely but you shouldn’t really get your hopes up for it either. For right now it doesn’t look like Madden NFL 19 will be showing up on PC any time soon.

Update: EA has announced the next generation of Madden will be on PC.

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