5 MMX Hill Dash 2 Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Hutch Games got a big mobile racing hit on its hands when it launched the first MMX Hill Racing.

Mobile gamers flocked to the off-road physics based racer, which helped it leave the competition in the dust. With the release of the much anticipated sequel comes new tracks, new vehicles, and the same addictive gameplay that fans still get a kick out of. MMX Hill Dash 2 has a lot of moving parts under its hood, which means you’ll need a how-to guide on how to properly navigate through its many challenges. Have no fear! Heavy is here to provide you with the know-how needed to become a master at mobile off-road racing.

Here are the top five MMX Hill Dash 2 tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know:

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1. The Basics of MMX Hill Dash 2 Racing

MMX Hill Dash 2 Tips

• Each track you race upon is filled with all types of bumpy terrain, big jumps, uphill/downhill climbs, and loop de loop’s. Making it to the very end of a track without blowing your ride to smithereens is just a portion of your main goal – your other tasks include getting the best completion time and beating your opponent to the finish line in The Arena. In order to be the best, you’ll need to realize when it’s best to accelerate and decelerate. When your ride is airborne, alternate between hitting the gas and braking. This method helps keep your vehicle balanced and makes it easier for you to land back on the track.

• After landing safely on a hill after a jump and driving straight into an downhill landing, don’t accelerate. Just let that downward slope carry you to the end of that hill. Utilize the acceleration/braking alternating method once you get closer to a flat portion of the track again. This should set you back into a comfortable position. Accelerating helps you build momentum, of course. That momentum is quite useful if you happen to run right into an uphill portion of the track or a loop de loop. Building your speed also helps you clear big jumps and throw you higher into the air to obtain harder-to-reach upgrade tokens.

2. The Path to Unlocking New Rides

MMX Hill Dash 2 Tips

Hutch Games Ltd

• There’s a total of six off-road vehicles to unlock – Micro, Monster, Supercar, Quad Bike, Amphibian, and Tank. The Micro will already be in your possession from the very start of the game. You’ll need to complete certain levels under specific time completions in order to get the rest of the pack. When it’s time to upgrade any of your rides, there are four separate stats you can improve upon – Speed, Grip, Stability, and Sand Tires.

• The most important part of these stats that you’ll want to upgrade more than anything is a car’s Speed, which makes it easier for your vehicle to get up steep hills and clear jumps. The added benefit of a better acceleration and max speed is a plus, too. Then focus on upgrading a vehicle’s Stability, Grip, and Sand Tires in order of stat boosting importance.

• It’s possible to fully upgrade a vehicle by importing it to the next tier. Once you upgrade a ride’s stats enough to hit a certain numerical limit and have enough Prestige Currency, it’s time to import! Importing to a higher tear not only makes your ride look better, it also increases the number of upgrades you can give it and nitro boosts it can work with.

3. So What Does it Take to Get New Tracks?

MMX Hill Dash 2 Tips

Hutch Games Ltd

MMX Hill Dash 2 features 35 tracks in total to unlock and complete. You can open some of them up simply by finishing the track that comes before it. The majority of stage unlocking you’ll do is done by completing stages you already own under certain time limits. Just click on the stage tab and any locked level to see what it takes to make it available.

• For the stages you’ve already unlocked, consider replaying them repeatedly. This method helps you further understand a track and pushes you further towards memorizing its more hazardous sections. This should help you improve your completion times and put you at the top of the leaderboard. Plus you’ll continue racking up upgrade tokens every time you repeat an earlier level.

4. Customization Multipliers – Arena and Set Bonuses

• During your vehicle customization activities, you should become familiar with the concept of Customization Multipliers. This mechanic entails the car boosts that are derived from Arena and Set Bonuses. Boosting your Arena score comes from equipping car customization parts that have multipliers attached to them. These parts can be yours simply by buying them with Workshop Spanners or winning them from the Highway to Wealth.

• Giving your ride a permanent score boost is done through Set Bonuses. For example, a Set Bonus is activated by painting your vehicle a certain color and having its Rims and Topper match that same color change.

5. Watch Those Advertisements and Take Advantage of the “Highway to Wealth”

• Gems can mainly be obtained by sitting through some quick video advertisements. These free gem earning opportunities usually pop up before the start of a race. Take a look at the right side of your screen at the start of a race to see if a video ad is available. Don’t forget to link your game progress to Facebook, too – you’ll instantly be rewarded with 500 gems. You can also watch these advertisements and gain a free upgrade from time to time on the car customization menu. Those same ads also give you a free restart if you wipe out after clearing a checkpoint.

MMX Hill Dash 2 Tips

Hutch Games Ltd

• Once you complete MMX Hill Dash 2’s first two stages, you’ll unlock a nifty reward feature called the Highway to Wealth. This lucky draw minigame is all about collecting reward cards as you drive down that lucky road. You’ll hit a Super Jackpot with even better free rewards once you hit 30-miles.

• Once you pick up a card, you’ll have to pick a random one out the four presented to you. Be mindful of bomb cards – if you pick one, you’ll end up losing everything you’ve gained up until that point. Push your luck as far as you want to take it (you can leave with your rewards whenever you want, so it’s best to tap out after claiming three rewards if you ask me).

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