Best Facilities to Build in State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 best facility

One of the most important mechanics in State of Decay 2 is managing your little community of survivors. This is done by constructing a home base, gathering resources, and making sure morale is high. However, this is easier said than done, as the game gives you very little room to balance all of these needs. Perhaps the best way to maintain your community’s happiness is by constructing useful facilities that serve multiple purposes in-game.

Keep in mind we will not be including any special leader facilities, as these aren’t available to everyone. While locations such as the Field Hospital can be useful, we are going to only list places that can be built anywhere regardless.

Here’s a breakdown of the best facilities to build in State of Decay 2.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Farm
  • Fighting Gym
  • Watchtower


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Perhaps the single most important structure in the entire game, the Infirmary is where you can treat and craft antidote for Blood Plague. There is a very high chance that someone in your camp will contract this virus, so having a place to let them rest is vital. You can also treat trauma and construct medicine – a consumable that is in very rare.

If you’re playing the tutorial then this will be one of the first facilities you build. Yet, for those starting a fresh game then you’re free to build whatever you want right away. Make sure it’s an Infirmary, especially if you plan to take on Plague Hearts. This only takes up a small slot, so it shouldn’t but that much of a strain on your resources. Plus the noises generated is quite low, which makes it easy to maintain your threat level.

Solar Array

There are a few ways to supply power to your base, but the best choice is the Solar Array. Despite being a bit expensive and requiring a large slot, it’s 100% worth it. Power is quite important in State of Decay 2, but the main issue is generators typically draw a lot of attention. They are noisy and can drastically raise your Threat level in bigger bases. However, the Solar Array removes these issues and still provides base-wide power.

Building this will require a Knowledge of Electricity and 10 Scraps if Circuitry, so you may not be able to construct this right away. Outside of finding the book itself in the wild, make sure to check with friendly enclaves and traders for the Knowledge of Electricity to book. Ad for the Scraps of Circuitry, scavenge in buildings such as laundromats or offices. These are usually the best places to locate this item and by the time you reach a medium sized base, you should have at least 10.


Unless you move into a location with a dedicated workshop like a Police Station, you’ll need a place to craft weapons. This makes the Workshop essential for players in the mid to late game when you start hunting down Plague Hearts. This facility allows players to craft ammo, explosives, and even repair weapons.  Some of these may require specific mods, such as the ammo press. It’s a very versatile location that will provide your community with a lot of flexibility.

Given how difficult it can be to find explosives, being able to create your own will make certain parts of the game far easier. Keep in mind, Workshops cause some noise so make sure you have defenses to lower your Threat level. If you’re relocating to a larger area, make the Workshop the last facility you build. This way to you can judge how much of an extra strain it will put on your community.


Water is another important factor in maintaining a happy community, so consider adding a Still to your base. This is a step up from the Rain Catcher, but it doesn’t require a ton of things to actually construct. Once built, the Still will provide base-wide water and allows players to craft fuel. Both of these are fantastic, but the real bonus is if you have a Trader as a leader. If you do then you can craft very rare luxury items that can fetch a high price with traders. Think of it as a place to basically make Influence with all the spare items you never use.

Beds (Temporary)

State of Decay 2

Over time you will recruit more survivors to your cause which will eventually require the creation of beds. Even though you can make beds both inside and outside, this should only be a temporary addition. You can increase your bed count by turning houses into Outposts, so once this happens just remove the beds and construct something else. Beds are an absolute necessity, but thankfully you can recoupe any materials put into them when they are deconstructed.

Things to Consider

  • Build one facility at a time to reduce noise and lower your threat level.
  • Prioritize usefulness over luxury commodities.
  • Don’t worry about expanding to a bigger base until you’ve established an Outpost network.
  • Auto Shops are a waste of resources and a facility slot.
  • Pick bases with built-in facilities such as guard towers or workshops.

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