How to Get a Prismatic Facet in Destiny 2 Warmind

Destiny 2 Prismatic Facet

Destiny 2’s newest DLC – Warmind – has officially released and there are a lot of changes getting implemented into the core game. One of the most intriguing is the alteration to the Eververse and how players can obtain cosmetic loot. Given how controversial Destiny 2’s microtransactions are, the implementation of the Prismatic Matrix should alleviate some of the randomness involved with Bright Engrams. However, players will need to obtain a new item called Prismatic Facets to do this.

In this new system, players will be able to obtain loot from Destiny 2’s Eververse without receiving a single duplicate. Each week the Prismatic Matrix will offer 10 cosmetic items from Season 3 that will be randomly chosen. In order to unlock one of these items you will need to use a Prismatic Facet or purchase a roll for 200 Silver. Once you use a Prismatic Facet one of the 10 items will be given and be crossed off the list for that week making it unobtainable via the Matrix.

Players will earn one Prismatic Facet every week for reaching their first well-rested level-up. This is the only way to earn a Prismatic Facet in-game without spending any real-world money.

However, you are not required to use your Prismatic Facet once you earn it. You can hold up to 3 Prismatic Facets at a time and you can use more than one each week. Because of this, you can hold onto your Prismatic Facets until an item you actually want appears in the Matrix’s rotation.

For the unfamiliar, a Guardian will automatically become well-rested at the beginning of each week (Starting on Tuesdays). This buff will last for three levels and temporarily increase your XP gains. If you’re looking to obtain a Prismatic Facet as quickly as possible, just grind out a few Public Events. These offer a ton of experience and don’t take a lot of time to finish – especially if you’re with a fireteam.

The Prismatic Matrix will not replace Bright Engrams and users will still earn them by leveling up their character. However, loot in Bright Engrams is still randomized and will not guarantee you any of the items available in the Prismatic Matrix. Tess will now have a total of 18 different cosmetic loot to purchase from her with Bright Dust. Sadly, if you are looking for a specific Shader or vehicle then you’ll either have to wait until it’s in the rotation or get lucky with Bright Engrams.

We recommend saving up Prismatic Facets at first, since you won’t know what new cosmetic item you’ll want for your Guardian. Given this system allows you to obtain Weapon Ornaments as well, having a better chance to obtain the one you want is key. Remember, you can only hold three at any time, so make sure to at least spend your Prismatic Facets before leveling up during the fourth week.

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