How to Reach 385 Light in Destiny 2 Warmind

Destiny 2 Warmind Light level

Destiny 2’s newest DLC – Warmind – has officially released and with it comes a wealth of new content. Along with new weapons and armor, developer Bungie has also raised the Light level for Guardians. Now set at 385, users appear to have a much longer grind this time around thanks to some changes made to Destiny 2. In order to reach 385, it’s important for players to understand the differences between soft level caps and hard level caps.

The soft cap for a player’s Light level has been raised to 340. This means that any source in Destiny 2 can drop items up to this power level. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Rare engram picked up from a dead enemy or a Legendary weapon earned in the Crucible.

Clan engrams are one of the best ways to quickly level up, as they will give players an average of 15 points over one’s current Light level. While this boost to your soft cap is nice, you will hit this by just playing Destiny 2’s Warmind DLC. Instead, it’s best to prepare for the major grind from 340 to 385. That’s where a lot of resources and time will be spent, especially for those trying to be prepared for the new Raid Lair.

Warmind’s hard cap is at 380 without mods, but climbing to this Light level is going to take a lot of time. Here is every activity and engram that can help you rise to 380 Light:

  • Weekly XP Powerful Engram
  • Heroic Strike Powerful Engram
  • Call to Arms Powerful Engram
  • Flashpoint
  • Raid / Raid Lair
  • Nightfall Milestone
  • Trials of the Nine
  • Clan Engrams

Clan engrams will give you around 0-2 points above your highest Light level possibility. This means that all of your weekly Powerful Engram rewards won’t offer a large amount of progress. Additionally, players can no longer farm Exotic engrams to increase their Light level like they could in the base game and Curse of Osiris. Instead, only Exotics offered in weekly rewards will be a higher Light level. The rest will stop at the soft cap of 345 (with mod) which will slow the grind down.

For those wanting to reach 385 Light, we recommend doing all of the weekly rewards and at least one Raid or Raid Lair each week. It will be much faster if you complete the various quests that reward Powerful Engrams. For those looking to grind this week make sure to save all your weekly engrams until after you hit the soft cap. Using them earlier will simply be a waste of time and resources, especially if those decrypted Powerful Engrams end up being Exotics.

Remember, unless you want to play the Raid Lair when it goes live, don’t feel rushed to hit 385. It’s very unlikely that hitting this level is even possible in one week, especially since the grind from 370 to 380 will take a considerable amount of time. Just make sure to take care of all the weekly events offered and you’ll be on the road to hitting 385 in no time. Destiny 2 is always changing so if Bungie makes any alterations to the Light level system will we update this post.

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