DOOM Eternal Officially Revealed (E3 2018)


DOOM is one of the most popular and iconic first person shooter franchises of all time. Rebooted back in 2016, DOOM was a chaotic, bloody game that embraced its original roots. The rebooted DOOM ended on a rather notable cliffhanger that left many wondering where the series would go from here. Thankfully, we got our answer during Bethesda’s E3 2018 conference with the reveal of DOOM Eterna.l

Set to debut during Quakecon 2018, players only got a small glimpse into the hellish future for this franchise. Instead of fighting on Mars, the new game will take place on Earth. Now infested with demons it’s up to Doom Guy to cleanse these beasts with his shotgun. Bethesda promised that the game will make the player feel more powerful and DOOM Eternal will have more demons. Info is still scarce, but users should expect the same, classic gameplay that this franchise defined.

No release date was announced, but we suspect DOOM Eternal will drop sometime in 2019.

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