How to Get the Event Pass Sanhok in PUBG

PUBG Event Pass Sanhok

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the most popular multiplayer titles of this generation. While this title continues to dominate the battle royale genre, it has stumbled due to the rising success of Fortnite. Some of this is thanks to the stagnant and unfilling loot system that makes receiving articles of clothing a joyless grind. However, in order to correct this issue, developer Bluehole Studio is implementing a premium rewards system called Event Pass: Sanhok.

(Author’s Note: Currently the Premium Pass is only available on the PUBG Test Server. If anything changes before its release on Friday we will update this post.)

If you’ve picked up Fortnite’s Battle Pass then you’ll be familiar with how this system works. On June 22 players can purchase the Event Pass via the Steam store or directly from the game’s homepage for $9.99. Buying this item with actual money is the only way you can unlock the Event Pass in PUBG, regardless of your rank, number of BP points, or time with the game. This is an independent addition that is only available for those willing to shell out $9.99 for the pass. Additionally, you can purchase 5 levels at a time for $4.99

Once the pass is activated, players will have a chance to climb 30 levels to obtain a variety of loot and passive bonuses. These range from cool outfits such as the Escapee prison set, weapon skins, experience boosts, and BP coins. For those who don’t buy the Event Pass: Sanhok, you will still be able to level up via experience and earn some items. The reward rate is drastically reduced, but you can still get some cool items if you can’t spend $9.99. Remember, if you have the Event Pass then you’ll receive both the items on the Premium list and the ones for free users when you hit the required level.

To actually level up your Event Pass, players will need to finish a variety of missions ranging from the simple to extremely difficult. Completing one will give players a certain amount of experience. Once players obtain enough they will advance their rank and need to earn more XP. Thankfully, the Event Pass offers experience boosts too so the grind will become less cumbersome as you advance.

There are four different types of missions, each of which has their own quests for players to finish. Users can participate in Daily, Normal, Sanhok (map specific), and weekly challenges. Each of these has a variety of unique objectives that need to be finished, so we recommend picking a few before each match starts. This will ensure that you have a goal to focus on and can quickly obtain experience to level up.

Remember, if you buy an Event Pass midway through its 30-day lifespan, you will still earn any rewards from objectives you finished. PUBG tracks your mission progress – regardless if you bought the Event Pass – so you won’t lose any time for buying it later. The Event Pass is required for all the premium loot, so if you’ve really wanted some new skins then this is the most consistent method of obtaining them.

PUBG’s Event Pass: Sanhok goes live on June 22 along with the new 4×4 map.

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