How to Level Up the Event Pass Sanhok in PUBG

PUBG Event Pass level up

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has added a new way to earn rewards in-game. If you’ve used Fortnite’s Battle Pass before then you will be very familiar with this system. After purchasing the Event Pass, players will be able to progress through 30 different levels, each of which earns unique rewards such as clothing, BP coins, and weapon skins.

Previously, the only way to obtain skins was via loot crates, which were inconsistent and sometimes required players to shell out more money to even open them. This pass is clearly designed to streamline the loot and gives players a reason to log onto PUBG every week. Here’s a breakdown of how to rank up your Event Pass.

How to Level Up the PUBG Event Pass

Every rank in the Event Pass is increased by gathering XP, which is earned by either playing the game or completing missions. The easiest way to earn experience is simply by playing PUBG and surviving in matches.

However, the amount you earn will depend on if you actually bought the Event Pass or not. For those who didn’t purchase the pass you’ll 2 XP every five minutes in game and Event Pass holders will obtain 4 XP every five minutes. Players can only earn a maximum of 80 points of XP per day via this method.

This makes missions the best way to earn large amounts of XP in a short time. Think of these as quests that you’ll need to finish. There are four different categories of missions: Daily, Normal, Sanhok, and Weekly. The first is missions that only available for that day and must be completed before the objectives rotate. Normal missions consist of broader challenges, some of which have to be finished in a specific order.

The Sanhok mission is similar to the normal one, however, every challenge must be completed on this map. Finally, Weekly is just a series of seven random challenges that span a variety of different objectives. These will be the easiest to finish since many of them are just focused on playing PUBG.

Remember, once you finish a mission you’ll need to manually claim it to earn the XP. Just go to your Missions tab and select Claim All to earn your XP. 

PUBG Event Pass Rewards

PUBG Event Pass Sanhok

There are three reward trees in PUBG now – with the Event Pass, without, and the Sanhok specific items. Obviously if you want the most loot then you’ll have to buy the pass, otherwise, you’ll get a smaller collection of items as you rank up. Leveling up without the Event Pass will take longer since you can only get daily XP and can’t rely on missions. If you did buy the pass then you’ll earn both reward trees simultaneously.

As for the Sanhok items, you will need to not only own the Event Pass, but finish the various missions tied to that specific gear. You can check the requirements for each item by going to the Missions screen and then selecting Sanhok.

Here is a quick look at what you will earn during this Event Pass season:

With Event Pass

  • Level 1 – 400 XP
  • Level 2 – 5% BP Boost
  • Level 3 – 500 BP Coins
  • Level 4 – Jailbird T-Shirt
  • Level 5 – Escapee Pants
  • Level 6 – 200 XP
  • Level 7 – Escapee Shoes
  • Level 8 – %5 BP Boost
  • Level 9 – Silver Plate Skin (Mini-14)
  • Level 10 – 700 BP Coins
  • Level 11 – Beach Shorts (Beige)
  • Level 12 – 200 XP
  • Level 13 – Jailbird Joggers
  • Level 14 – %5 BP Boost
  • Level 15 – Escapee Jacket
  • Level 16 – 500 BP
  • Level 17 – Guard Pants
  • Level 18 – 700 BP
  • Level 19 – Guard Cap
  • Level 20 – 200 XP
  • Level 21 – Gold Plate Skin (P92)
  • Level 22 – Guard Jacket
  • Level 23 – Rash Vest
  • Level 24 – Rose-Tinted Glasses
  • Level 25 – %5 BP Boost
  • Level 26 – Beach Shirt (Coral)
  • Level 27 – 2,000 BP
  • Level 28 – Twisty Top (Beige)
  • Level 29 – Guard Skirt
  • Level 30 – Paradise Bottom

Without Event Pass

  • Level 3 – Violent Violet Top
  • Level 5 – Earloop Mask
  • Level 6 – Turquoise Delight Skin (Kar98)
  • Level 8 – Tracksuit Top (Yellow)
  • Level 10 – Glod Plate Skin (S686)
  • Level 12 – Tracksuit Pants (Yellow)
  • Level 14 – Pleated Mini-Skirt (Black)
  • Level 16 – Free Nickname Change
  • Level 18 – Hot Pants (Blue)
  • Level 19 – Worker Jacket
  • Level 20 – Snowflower (Parachute Skin)

Sanhok Rewards

  • Twisty Top (Sky)
  • Cat Eyes
  • Jungle Digital Skin (M416)
  • Beach Shirt (Yellow)

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