Dead by Daylight to Receive Wraith Rework Before Freddy

Dead by Daylight Wraith Tips

During today’s Dead by Daylight’s developer stream it was revealed the Wraith would be the next killer to receive a rework.

Update: The changes are now live in the PTB.

The Wraith isn’t in a particularly good spot in today’s game so it makes sense for the Wraith to be looked at after the recent Trapper and Hag buffs.

  • Wraith uncloak will be smoothed out with a built-in Windstorm effect
  • The Windstorm add-ons will be reworked for another effect
  • 20/20 Wraith add-ons are receiving changes
  • Flashlight lightburn will be changed while the Wraith is cloaked

The developers gave us a good look at what to expect with the new Wraith. Here’s are some screenshots from the stream itself as well as the descriptions for the add-ons.

Dead by Daylight Wraith Add-on

Dead by Daylight Wraith Rework

Pink Add-Ons:

  • “All Seeing” – Spirit
    • Unlocks awesome potential in one’s aura reading ability. While cloaked, the repair progress of generators can be determined by the intensity of their auras.
  • Coxcombed Clapper
    • Renders the Wailing Bell completely silent.

Normal Add-Ons:

  • “The Hound”
    • Fresh blood marks are considerably more discernible than normal.
  • “The Beast”
    • The Wraith’s terror radius is no longer suppressed while cloaked.
    • Bloodpoints granted for stalking and surprise attacks are increased by 100%.
  • “The Serpent”
    • The Wraith will uncloak completely when breaking pallets or damaging generators while cloaked.
  • “The Ghost”
    • After uncloaking, the Wraith’s terror radius and red stain will remain suppressed for 6 seconds.

We don’t have all of the information readily available about the rework but this is what we do know so far. The Wraith will hit the PTB before it drops into the official game so players will get a feel for how he works before he actually releases.

When more information is revealed about the Wraith, potentially as soon as six weeks from now, we’ll be sure to let you know.

The Wraith right now is a fun killer for beginners to use but he doesn’t see much play the higher up in the ranks you go. Forcing him the ring the bell before he uncloaks breaks the element of surprise and allows survivors to get a head start on the chase. Some of these add-ons look like they will alleviate that pain.

A potential Freddy buff was also discussed but the developers said he will take more time. Freddy has been pretty much universally considered the worst killer in the game for quite some time now so it’s nice to here the developers at least confirm he’s in a bad spot and they will look at him.

If you want to take a look at today’s stream you can click the link here.

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